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newart47 says:

That blurred shot was for YouTube rewind 2015… wow that’s awesome !!

eddie martinez says:

its funny how you sponsor boosted so much . but there is 2 other boards out there . the enertion raptor that completely destroys anything bosteed ever created . and for far less money . if you like a pure carbon fiber board with crazy power than evolve is your board . make it like this . the raptor 1 single motor is faster and better than boosted’s best board .

Muhsin Mohamed says:

that shoot was youtube rewind challenge

Kai Walsh says:

Mkbhd cameo lol

wing Man says:

You get your stuff for free must be nice

Habib Ikram says:

There are FAR better electric slateboards available, better than a boosted board

mrfireclaw says:

hello LOL you’re lucky I really like that one it beginners Taste of my age but that’ll work

Sam Laycock says:


Burak Ozakman says:

Show off

Mhd Amayri says:

this skate is simply the most awesome thing i’ve ever seen in my whole life

doberbitch says:


Eric Cregeen says:

your a funny looking dude

Marc Gyver says:

Make as me, make one of 1000W to go in 53kph $300 only 🙂

Muhsin Mohamed says:

ooo my dude is there marques

Suren Xavier says:

Hey Casey You should install shark wheels on Your Boosted Boards. They are great for cruising, especially in urban areas.

Renganayaki Durai says:
DJLoveNoise says:

Swagboard is on point!!!

Jenivera says:

i want one!

The black Panther says:

He said oh something came into the mail today very special the first thought in my mind DEEZ NUTS

Paul Airlie says:

Hey Casey get boosted board to offer customized naming on the skateboard and also add your giant forward arrow?? 😉 Maybe they do this already but would be cool..

place_holder : says:

Watched the whole vid…just to see the last 10 seconds of it!!!!!!

Rixh Peso says:

Please give me a boosted board

Thomas Harbauer says:

Boosted Boards. The best thing ever, expept i have no idea how to skateboard. IM actually scared to learn because i took a bad fall once and almost put out my shoulder.

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