Teamgee Electric Skateboard Unboxing and Review! The Teamgee electric board is an ultra thin stealth board with the classic styling of a pintail longboard. “BRAVO10” to save 10% off your Teamgee board.

Music: Those Nights by Dj Quads



Check out my boosted board playlist to see more electric boards and boosted mini and boosted stealth comparisons. Hit me up on instagram @justjustinbravo or comment below if you have any questions about which electric skateboard is right for you.


youngfilmstv says:


sn8f1st says:

Get a helmet please. Too many people recently ending up in hospitals or morgues.

Benjiman Reynolds says:

It is pretty dope

Dane Carder says:

I feel like you should probably have a helmet on regardless if you look cool or not with a hat on instead. Too many e-skaters these days dieing from not wearing helmets, not good to make people think it’s cool to ride without one. Newbies getting into the sport, eskating or boarding in general, shouldn’t think it’s normal to not care about cracking your skull open on concrete. As a skater/longboarder of 20+ years and new eskater, helmets have saved me from being dead, retarded or seriously injured at least 3 times. That’s once in roughly every 6 years or so on average that I didn’t end up dead due to this sport. Do we want to condone taking chances like that, 1 ride out of however many rides every six years, for an experienced rider? Toss a newbie on there and there is a lot higher chance of a catastrophic loss of control. Since e-skating only a few weeks, my helmet has already nearly saved my life once not anticipating a gigantic crack in the pavement like I should have and I am glad I had my protective gear on.

Please think about continuing to make videos, but promoting safety at the same time as being as cool as you already are. thanks man.

JackX33 says:

I don’t know why but I always like seeing people with cool boards

Shawn Ziemba says:

Made in Hong Kong. No thanks. You get what you pay for (generally)…and when it comes to things that can put your skull into the pavement at any given time…I would opt for skateboards manufactured in quality countries to give yourself better odds. USA, Germany….pretty much any place that makes quality cars/trucks…or quality firearms.

Benjiman Reynolds says:


Angel Flores says:

Love your vlogs Justin. Reviews really help me plan out what I want as well haha.

lar x 3476 says:

Yes I’m first. Sweet board

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