My Landwheel Electric Skateboard Drive Review Disaster! :( – esk8r

We take the Landwheel Drive and board out into the streets of London for a “Proper” test and review.

We take the Landwheel drive out for a high speed test, a hill climb test with the Landwheel board, a breaking test and a range test of the Landwheel electric skateboard drive.

This is an electric skateboard drive system in a similar fashion to Onan drive and Mellow Drive


Royalty 92 says:

Not worth it not at all

Jonny Jones says:

Dude, please wear at least a helmet! x

Jack Wallach says:

I think they gave you a second battery holder for a reason

Mike Fas says:

What a POS…. Love the honest reviews. Hope you didn’t have to pay for that board….

Crown Wheel says:

Hands Free!! No Remote!! NEW Crownwheel Self Balancing X1 Electric Skateboard:

Leon Florian says:

it’s L3-X version ?

Iain Smith says:

Nike slippers?

Boosted Billy says:

Sorry meant to say it does look dangerous do companies send you boards do you do reviews on

George Massa says:

Y just y

Typical Tyrese says:

it had so much potential

Andrew Gordon says:

Yo, i ride with my trucks lose as hell

Vrakpundare says:

If they fix the electronic issues and increase the battery capacity they could have a winner. I like the concept with a quick swapable battery. I want to see more of that.

huzzler g says:

Ahhh Bro now i understand why u ask me to send you my Serpent W for one day… u doing reviews.. good work !

Matt Whitehouse says:

What version is this? 3 or 4?
Also why didn’t you ask for v5 apparently this is a discontinued model now.

2Crazee ProductionsVlogs says:

My Friend Very Good And Honest Review On The Landwheel Electric Skateboard. Thanks But No Thanks The Landwheel Is Garbage. I Will Stick With My Koowheel And Backfire 2.

Sookie S says:

From your landwheel review, the Meepo seems way better. Is this water resistant?

zee7379 says:

That’s off my Christmas shopping list

Anti Petrolhead says:

At least Meepo is reliable.

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