My First Electric Skateboard…

Today’s mystery video (☞゚∀゚)☞

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Zenify says:

Dont click the link, you cant afford it.

Brett Lorenzo says:

keep electric skating real…

lynda gibbs says:

I came frome a mystery video I came here this mystery video took me back to my first one

T Getz says:

calls a t-tool an allen wrench….

D F says:

you guys are too stiff. feel the flow!

bachir ghellab says:

Today’s mystery video (☞゚∀゚)☞

GalaxyGamer_GR says:

thats soooo cool

Miranda S says:

Tom is lowkey daddy af

Dino Kabaklic says:

Hi, what’s the Background Music of this Clip? Btw. Evolve Carbon GT rocks!!! It is so much fun!

RVY studios says:

jack is on io

Tshepo Chikambure says:

Hey Lew. What’s that cool music you have playing in the background while you riding the board?

Cowardice says:

Wish he’d show what songs he’s using.

MONST3RinYourI says:

don’t be lazy. get a board from Hi5ber, ThreeSix Downhill, Beercan Boards, DaSilva, WeFunk…etc. point is, they’re better boards for a lot less than that thing. plus, you can get a full workout with a normal longboard. rapidly builds your leg muscles, and if you get serious with downhill, it’ll shape your forearms. different boards on the market, all suited for different styles of riding. best part is meeting the incredible people within the longboarding community.


the camera guy was probably exhausted running around like that

Matt McConaha says:

Anyone who says they can get a car for the same price should probably consider the fact that a 2000 dollar car is only 2000 dollars for a reason. I’m not saying that the 2000 dollar electric skateboard is a good deal. This product lacks the market efficiency that the automobile industry has, so the price is a bit high. But a 2000 dollar car is not going to be a very good car at all, and you’ll probably be dealing with a lot of frustration.

bdrlgin says:

No I’ll save you 30 seconds, I”M BUYING IT!

Luke Stumbles says:

I’m heaps good riding that and I’m only a kid

Joel Simpson says:

of course it’s good it’s made in Australia

Ace Genesis Perdon says:

how much is it?

Jakie Mason says:

2K is stupid price, wtf would anyone buys them? save up couple more you can get a honda CBR motorcycle and pick up girls.

Clinton Moses says:

Woah! That’s just dope m/

Tommy Edmundson says:

You need to try the Boosted board

Unbox Therapy says:

Today’s mystery video (☞゚∀゚)☞

Cody Blaine says:

Lol he should have drove it like a rc car!

That guy Love's games says:

I just feel like you overhype your voice. Could you stop?

Shabir Nabi says:

Damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans

according2plan74 says:

$2000 for a skateboard, that is a little nutz in my opinion!

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