MP82 – Testing the most high tech electric skateboard ever?

I was lucky enough to try out the crazy high-tech, electric, off-road Bajaboard in Australia. This is my review.

Check out their website:


jirka merunka says:

FFS When I see the $ sign I think of american dollars… Now I realized their prices are Aussie prices so this crazy expensive board all of a sudden became cheaper than Trampa’s board…

Joe Rhio says:

Sad there’s not a “Demo Location” in the UK. Marc, U would be the perfect UK point person for them besides appreciating the
Incredible engineering and technology that went into their design.

War pig Hammer says:

How do you patent a already patented tech.

Luck Westerbaan says:

wow you are doing an incredable job.

cicci0salsicci0 says:

Hi Marc, first of all, I really like your vlogs. Sorry if my comment is a bit long, I hope you will read it.
Given your career in F1 it would be interesting to know more about the paddock life. At the end of the day, it’s relatively conspicuous number of people, men and women, from all sorts of backgrounds, that travels the world together (sort of). I’m sure that creates the environment for a lot of funny / juicy stories. What about hookups between teem personnel, friendships, and more in general, what about human relationships? Do people talk to others teams personnel? Do you know each other? Do you bond with people because of your travel? Or is it just work and most of the time you are concentrated on your job and there is no time for anything else.
I’m just curious, because we see a lot of polished content on tv, but it would be interesting to see also the “human” side behind it. And I think that’s what a vlog should be about.
Thank you if you read. Have a nice day.

blknsxy10 says:

Good God Marc what fun!

Bob Preston says:

I really look forward to each posting. A great combination of F1, family, locations. Keep them coming.

Piers Lawson-Brown says:

Great video. The amount of tech packed into that little board coupled with the distance that battery can push it to is enough to make electric car manufactures blush, it is great to see something like this that is actually pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. Also, women in tech is win win.

Kedarnath Iyer says:

Wonder if they will make a scooter version of this beast I am no skate boarder myself but would love to ride one

Chronic Avidness says:

7:11 She also said some people like a stiff ride

FreeFour says:

Wilson’s going to have to work hard to keep up with you on your walks. Will the next vid be of you in your woods with the Bajaboard? Stay tuned.

Topher Hendrickson says:

Baja= bah-hah

zelkuta says:

You really make want to get an electric board but I have no idea how to skate hahah. They look super awesome for getting around though.

Cheers marc, great vid.


For anyone who doesn’t have it, for goodness sake read this man’s book. It feels so warm like him and his mates were just talking through their anecdotes over a drink. And hilarious as well.

amaroudis says:

This always seemed the best way for me to design electric cars….just stick one motor on each wheel and then have sophisticated controls for the output.

Mathtrix says:

gief winter tires on that one!

Pauly Lewis says:

Big question here. Is it said Ba ja or Ba ha. Being from the southwest US Baja is said with the j as an h sound as the Mexican influence. The idea of Baja is very fitting for the skate board, surfboard offroad mindset. So it’s curious.

Jeremy Smith says:

What an amazing piece of kit that board is ! I love the way you incorporate things like this into your videos along with all your F1 expertise thank you Marc, much appreciated…

Jeff R says:

Looks awesome but with so much going on from a mechanical and technical standpoint I would suspect there would be a lot of maintenance involved. Could be a difficult situation if you are not mechanically inclined. Looking over their website it does appear they are really trying to provide maintenance and technical support. I am very tempted for sure.

David David says:

Looks like a lot of fun!
The similarities with rc car design are rather striking. I guess there is no need to reinvent the wheel though….

James Miller says:

Ba’h’a or Ba’j’a?

AzzBoekie says:


POiSoN says:

what kind of engineer you are Marc?

MrCatalysis101 says:

There’s your green solution to city center congestion. So interesting, thanks Marc.

Lucho Garcia says:

Powerful skateboard Marc, high technology, just miss a power unit there…. Marc: Can it working either perfectly on high climbs? or just designed over flats surface?

Morgan Tørvolt says:

Most good engineering is initiated by laziness .

Chronic Avidness says:

7:16 what did you think she said, Marc? XD

H FENG says:

It’s more like a 1/8 RC car (especially cross country ones that use mixed fuel, suspension looks almost the same). Marc u should try playing one of those they r fun and can be more serious than u think.

Joe Lotuaco says:

Have you ever had any issues traveling with your Inboard? I wonder how one would travel with a Baja board. The size of the battery probably means it won’t be allowed on a commercial airliner.

Darriel Nurse says:

I find all your videos really interesting and helpful as I’am a big f1 fan it’s nice to see the other side and get another prospective on the sport. Question why are teams not allowed to buy or bring there own make of tyres regardless of compounds as I think it would bring the back runners up to the front if that tyre worked better, I think a lot has to be bone about the tyres. Say a big hello to the dogs there such a part of your videos many thanks and keep going daz12666.

curtflirt2 says:

Did you end up getting one????

Roger cammack says:

get a nice moto x bike for 2500 squid

Olaf Langeveld says:

Hi Marc, what a fat skate board! I have a race question for you. Now that the first drawings become visible that Ricardo leaves for ferrari, the stories come from who will come next to Max. I myself think that Sainz is just not good enough. Gasly can stay for another year in the Torro Rosso. but who is left? Alonso does not want to, but why would Kimi not be able to do another year? Would be nice to end up in the car you started with. what do you think? sorry if my English is not quite right.

James Morgan says:

She must be a sister of Daniel. Its Michelle Ricciardo right?

James Vickers says:

Brilliant so interesting grazie Marc ciao ciao

Martijn says:

The editing at 7:18 cracked me up. Man, I’m immature.

Dan Lane says:

7:16 “Nice Stiff ‘Deck'” :)))

Crown Wheel says:

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The Mighty Dash says:

You should invest in an omnidirectional mic, but at least the wind noise is a thing of the past now :p

Bertie Wooster says:

Jesus Tapdancing Christ!
What an amazing board and piece of engineering! And the speed? Oh man – I’d kill myself the first day on one of those!
Another great video, Mark!
And next weekend? Barcelona! Which also happens to be the name of a great song with Freddy Mercury and Monserat Caballe :

Formula 1Fan says:

That is insane yet not at an insane price.

Rob Tolley says:

Amazing video Marc, has Claire let you have one?

chumppi says:

I bet looking but you wished that Johnny would’ve completely thrashed your board so you’d have an excuse to buy this 😀

Troy Wheatley says:

I need this !

Wayne Dawson says:

Well if you want all terrain the evolve bamboo is want I have and it goes just about anywhere and $2g cheaper it’s Australian as well with top speed of 50 km and same in range

Jan Šebek says:

Come on Mark, are u getting one?

Jon Stout says:

I really love that… a bit more disposable and I’d be buying one today 😀

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