MP207 – Boosted Killer? Dual Belt Motor 25mph Vestar Electric Skateboard Review

Could Boosted have met their match in the high performance, belt driven, electric skateboard market? 25mph, 15-18 mile range, for $499.

Discount code: “ElvisVestar” will give you $200 off the listed price of $699

NB:This is not a paid promotion or sponsored ad, they sent me a board to review and I was free to say whatever I liked about it.


GeorgeAnn Ogilvie says:

I got a Hub board, I’d like to got a belt one, this board seems OK!

UK Infamous says:

A comparison to the Slick Revolution Flex Eboard would be interesting… A £399 board up against a £650 board both dual motor.

Aleksandr Vologdin says:

Impressive tech thanks for sharing!

enid miller says:

The boss of the board is so clever!

Crown Wheel says:

2019 NEW!!! 30MPH 48km/h,World’s Most Powerful Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard with APP,replacement PU motor,display remote!More info pls visit:
Youtube Vedio:

C5B Belt:

Tamtaro85 says:

Hi there, here’s a guide to adjust brake sensitivity for the Vestarboard

AngelDX07 says:

My friend got one, he said it was really great!

Henrie Horsley says:

I really like the battery configuration on that board

Sir Sphinx says:

Swap those ESC’s out with VESC’s and you can fix that issue and improve performance significantly.

Peri Kersley says:

Cool board!

Adam McGrath says:

Great vid. The Vestar only needs a decent remote and really could be a Booted killer. Good review

Peng Dyke says:

On the website, what’s the difference between the V1 and V2?

Georgiy Appakov says:

Nice looking board!

Yonela Poswa says:

Great video man. Keep it up

Vincente Wilton says:

Love this board and good vid

1ring2rule3pigs says:

Click bait – The vid’s NOT about #Yuneec E-go or Cruiser: The Boosted Beaters of L.A.!!

#SuperBowlBound #LARams

babybop candy says:

Longboard? Really a budget board!

Tyseuss37 says:

The wheels feel better than hub motors. Less vibration!

André Somers says:

I am wondering: what is the quality of the battery and charging electronics? There were several incidents with cheaper Chinese hover boards resulting in fires.

Also: are these things legal to ride on public roads in the UK? I’m pretty sure they aren’t over here in the Netherlands.

BQuenzer Roehrig says:

Hub board is everywhere, Belt board is really hot!

blinker Kauzlarich says:

I think the rider weight effects the performance of this board, such as speed and range.

Gloria Penman says:

How about the belt? It can be changed easily?

flemlion13 says:

Thanks for the review and the upgrade to make 1080p available.
Could the video on the road be from a different camera than in front of the window?
Cause the focus on the move seemed better, while it was seeking like usual in front of the window.

Jabir Jacobson says:

Nice board ,, can i have that one ??

Nicholas Hammer says:

That board rocks!

Stepan Volovik says:

I think this board is the Boosted board’s killer!

Lark S says:

Free shipping? Only $499? Dual Belt Drive? A Big Big Budget! Excellent video!

Robbie Surfer says:

Can you not get a boosted remote and swap some of the internals over ?

Evgeniy Teleskopov says:

Oh, My God!It’s only $499? Free shipping? I want two

Gihan Shortcliffe says:

It seems there is no difference between V1 and V2 on their website except the shape.

Medria Thirlwind says:

Nice, Do they have the option for off road tires?

Slick Revolution says:

Wanna try our a real electric skateboard? Get in touch dude!

stevefay89 says:

Good video! Would you recommend this or the Meepo?

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