My in depth review and first look at the brand new MilesBoard Dual Electric skateboard. In my opinion one of the best small/compact electric skateboards that money can buy. It is not perfect, but it is a amazing first attempt by MilesBoard at the ever growing portable EV category. What are you thoughts on the board? Have you tried one?

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Miles Dual

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Insta: @Josh_Medlin

Shot on
– Canon C100 Mark II w/ Sigma 18-35 mm 1.8f
– Canon 80D with Canon 24mm 2.8f on a Ronin-M

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Athena borealis says:

lou board?

Samantha Kue says:

I got the Dual motor from Miles and they’re a lot of fun! I agree on the plastic remote but this is their first product, I appreciate the features what the board gives. Honestly, the brakes are fine, just have to learn to control the joy stick when braking… other than that, if anyone wants to get one they can use my code as well Sammy10 for their product!

Arsagard Lim says:

What’s the weight of the board?

2dthoughts says:

Looks great

FEMINISTS and SJWs are terrorists says:

Is it only in pink?? Can’t buy pink

Jacob OCampo says:

Dynamite Review im thinking I’ll go with the miles board for my first electric board! Thanks!

Sean W. Barton says:

I don’t think hub motor boards should really be compared to belt style boards. This board does look great the way they made it though. I’m curious to see how the Faboard gold will be

Peter Gambrill says:

Voltage sag?

Jason R says:

So basically if you ride this you increase your chance of dying since this thing doesn’t even stop….

Maxfind H says:

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Nathan Glass says:

In my opinion the breaks are really strong and they are for slowing you down not coming to a complete stop that’s impossible especially when u have a free wheel skate board with good bearings if u want a complete stop stick with a belt drive where u have to throttle the whole entire time without coasting and conserving battery

Goran Spirov says:

Wow they did copy the Lou Board 3.0 🙂

Nameless Vermillion says:

Holy shit just checked the price 769$ definitely not a boosted mini killer. The Faboard is gonna knock this board and the mini out the water hahaha no thanks.

TYLER PUTNAM 2.0 says:

I left a comment on your canon 80d setup vlog you posted in 2017 that id like you to check out

Wassem Ali says:

Great review! Really appreciate it

Michael Francis says:

Wait so how long is the board?

Anti Petrolhead says:

Between Uber and Lyft as a backup. Why would anyone have a range anxiety behind an electric skateboard? Even the Boosted clan (you know who you are) takes the train if they have to.

Eddie Arvizu says:

The slow braking is because its HUB motor not belt motors because my dad got one for me for free because my dad works there he told me everything about it

Anti Petrolhead says:

Love the kicktail idea.

Eric Brown Jr. says:

Im getting one next week!

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