Metroboard Electric Skateboard Unboxing + Review = Best. Day. EVER!

I wanted to show off my brand new toy: a Metroboard electric skateboard. This thing is incredible. And hopefully you guys enjoy seeing the unboxing and witnessing my first reactions as I carve through the streets at 20+mph and almost eat it at least a half dozen times.

I’ve already put nearly 100 miles on this board and am pretty familiar with it by now. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them!


- Elliott says:

Ah, Onewheel is better.

Ben Trainer says:


Barry G. Gould says:

can you turn the lights off if you’re riding during the day? also why didnt they use a chargable battery in the controller? using regular batteries for this doesn’t make much sense

Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu says:

Hahaha loved watching this. awesome channel!
That skateboard is se manifique

Kathy Murguia says:

I live in Tampa FL how is it in rain or puddels

Jack Field says:

I’m trying to find a electronic long board that is reliable and has a good ten mile range does anybody have any gods board ideas

Koen Wartena says:

Why is this video not available?


It sounds like shit

Juan Jose says:

I sure aint missing out on the price

Wayne Anderson says:

Dude why don’t you use a skid lid,It got skiddish there a few times and thought you were going to can off and bust open ya melon. Looks good , but kinda noisy for the price.

Daniel Koshy says:

Can you pop it into your hand like a regular board?

ScoopyD says:

tbh i think there are better electric boards than this.

chris plunkett says:

Can you kick push with the battery off

Nicholas Long says:

i am sure you get this question all the time! but do you think this is better then the boosted board?

California RV Dreamin says:

they’re junk.Had a metroboard…destroyed it . even with all the parts that were replaced..inboard is the way to go.

antonthewall says:

…. How much?

Check Eddyy says:

seems fun asf, but man it sucks to be poor because I’d have so much fun with one but great ass video broooo

Eekhoornstaartlolly says:

Hey! DO you have any idea per chance how it compares with the boosted board wrt inclines?

Otto Günsche says:

That’s one loud ass motor, and fuck that motor whine.


Hi – where can this be purchased?

Robert Adamék says:

What’s the transmitter and receiver (remote) price and where can I buy one.

California RV Dreamin says:

Enertion Raptor 2 is looking to be the board to beat..Metroboards are a total joke..Buyer be wary.

Adam Head says:


Michael Leuma says:

How much is the board and where did you get it?

Michael Long says:

Hey cute UPS girl.

Anthony Steele says:

Just a skateboard with brakes would be awesome


Did anyone notice that he put knight instead of night

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