Mellow Drive Review: The best electric skateboard booster!

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► Mellow Drive Review

Made in Germany, the Mellow Drive is certainly a quality product. It offers really good performance, both speed and range, but the best thing about the Mellow is the portability.

You can bring this electric skateboard booster anywhere as it is small, light and the batteries are flight approved at 99Wh each.

You can either get it as a complete electric skateboard, or get the Mellow Drive seperate and mount it on any skateboard deck without doing any drilling.

The Mellow Drive is the best electric skateboard booster and one of the best electric skateboards that I’ve tested!

The reviewed unit (Mellow Cruiser) was borrowed from Mellow.

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Diefullah says:


UzuMaki NaRuto says:

If you’re going to pay that much for an eboard, why not just buy a Lacroix board which is vastly superior in every single way? For about the same price you get a completely assembled board with quality parts that can go 30+mph and 30 mile range and you get all terrain capability too.

nurullah coşkun says:

1.799,90 €

TheFilledk says:

So they made the mellow drive, decided it was too expensive, used time and money on putting software limitations on the hardware, sell the drive for less with programmed limitations, used time and money on making and programming software updates to remove these limitations and then charge money to remove these limitations!?

I call this Microtransactions with extra steps…

What kind of idiocy is this?

Laszlo Siba says:

Mellow charging 800EUR for a software update. That is not acceptable.

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