Meepo Board VS Backfire 2 | ULTIMATE Budget Electric Skateboard Review

This is a comprehensive review of two of the best budget/cheap electric skateboards in the market: The Meepo Board and the Backfire 2 (Galaxy Edition). These two boards may come at low price point, but certainly deliver high performance. After shipping to VA, the Meepo Board is $395.49 and The Backfire 2 is $499 shipped. Which one is your favorite?

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Bailey Baskovich says:

Which has better braking? Is one smoother than the other or stronger?

John Hood says:

Wow they should be your next sponsor man I really want a BackFire now!

BoltonBornNbrad says:

Nice video dude, you got some cools shots. Gives me inspiration for my next and makes me want to step my game up haha. I’d have to go with the backfire aswel looks cool

Ryan Gordon says:

Great review but I have the BF2 and I’m not sure why you are only getting 7 miles range… In pro mode I get more like 10-12 miles. In eco mode I have got to 17 miles. Maybe you are doing really hard hills or acceleration.

Chrdex789 says:

Ronnie your really making me jealous. I’m not getting my Backfire until christmas and hopefully i can still ride it during winter.

Legacy Wheelz says:

He might not be fully charging it or using the regenerative braking

Niclas B says:

Great content and editing! Keep it up! :). Getting my Backfire tomorrow!

Andrew Tan says:

I still not sure if I should get an Electric Longboard or just a normal one.

Shimmer says:

Dope! Seems like a difficult choice to me since I’m not much of a long boarder/electric skate boarder. Meepo actually seems more reasonable because of the smaller size, handle, cheaper and range. But I’m sure as a long boarder, they would prefer better parts, better board, less lag with the controller, and top speed.

Beast mode 5 says:

How long did it take the backfire to get to your house

Ashlynn Rodgers says:

I would love to see a waterproof test. Maybe ride them both in the rain and see how they do

Riley Jones says:

Can u please do a more in-depth comparison on the backfire and boosted board.
this video helped me so much though, for a while, I have been looking at electric skateboards particularly the meepo and backfire so when this video came out I was so happy.


Can you do a 500 mile reveiw

Nate Haas says:

So you think you’ll do another range test for the backfire?

AxTenTen says:

Ehhhh look at the ads! Reduced! Love it! Great vids fam!

Hunter Bennett says:

How easy are they to kick if the battery dies?

Lucia Threels says:

Love those vids! Keep up the awesome work bro!

The Martian says:

Last time I checked the meepo was only $280.

ФотоРецепты рф says:

Thank you, this is exactly the comparison that awaits a lot of people! Thank you very much!

*Vote below! Backfire or Meepo?

Swift says:

How is the backfire board holding up? Any build issues or other issues that should be noted? I see that the griptape on the backfire looks like its peeling up? That sucks since i really like the griptape and you have only had it for a week and its already getting beat up. How do you think the board will hold up over time? I just would hate to drop 500 bucks and within 3 months its totally trashed.

Cas de Vente says:

Well the promised range on the backfire is a big scam then! Didn’t even get halve of what they promised… I really wanted this board but now it got me hesitating.

Legacy Wheelz says:

Plz do a filmed range test on the backfire. I’m still not convinced that it only has a 7 mile range. I have read tons of reviews that describe a range of 15 miles or over. Is your board a lemon?

Samcrac says:

Man this is the exact comparo I wanted to see! Think I’ll grab the Backfire!

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