Meepo Board V2 Electric Skateboard – Unboxing and things you should know

There’s a lot of info about the Meepo v2 that you won’t find on Meepo’s web site so watch the entire video! While the Meepo Board v2 electric skateboard looks very similar to the Meepo v1.5, it is a huge upgrade that offers a completely different ride experience.

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จ่าพันธ์ เกมเมอร์ says:


Daniel Kwan says:

FAQ: What shoes are you wearing?
They are “aqua shoes” or “water shoes”. I don’t use them for skating but during warm weather I like to use them for walking. Mine were from Decathlon but there are also a bunch on Amazon:

Marcos S Luna says:

Hi which is better meepo 1.5 or v2 in speed when starting, which you recommend and thank you very much

Alastair Macmillan says:

This video is frankly pretty lame. Get out and use it!

jordain jones says:

Can u change the hub motor tires?

grillmeisterflash says:

the meepo stoch wheels got a print on the side 80A , i think this has to be a joke compared to other wheels these are super hard no way they are 80a

ejb 84 says:

When you going have a giveaway


Does anyone know where I can get bearings for hub motors? My meepo board has a “crunchy” sound coming from the rear when riding, and I’m almost 100% sure that the rear bearings need replaced. Since they’re not standard size, I’m wondering where to get them, and what size they are? I have replaceable PU, so I don’t want to buy all new motors. Thanks guys.

andrey berditchevski says:

Meepo Electric Skateboard scammers dont buy their products !

AG0 C0M1TX says:

man drink water it feels like this is an asmr

gooni goo goo says:

you forgot the biggest and most important reason it is V2…the V2 now has swappable PU on the hub motors,,,there is many complaints of the rubber peeling off the hub motors,,V1.5. needed to replace entire hub motor. x with the V2. you can swap out only the outer PU ,15 bucks per wheel. this is the real reason.

Raghav Parihar says:


DPT Daniel says:

0:19 FOR ME!?!?! 🙂 TY

Kouhaku Mir says:

Hi Daniel, I’m a Chinese e-skateboarder and some friends and I are trying to start an E-board community for the Chinese skaters. Would it be okay if we posted your eboard reviews in our community? Your reviews are amazingly detailed and we think it would be of great help to the electric board enthusiasts in China if we could share them, especially your recent reviews on Meepo 2.0 and Teamgee H6, which are also sold in China but no one has done any serious reviews on. If it’s okay to you, we’d add Chinese subtitles to the video, your channel’s name as the owner of the video at the beginning, and maybe a little logo of our team at the corner or at the beginning of the video, and we’d share them in Baidu’s Tieba and maybe later in our team’s wechat public account. Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

LeeROBD says:

@5:40 your floor hates you.

Rick Deckard says:

Excellent review thanks

Xeno says:

RIP wax coating on the floor @5:40 lol.

Pajala Potatis says:

I regret buying a Meepo Board big time

My board is really bad, almost everything was broken when I got it. I told them what was wrong with it (battery, cracked Deck and motors) they sent me a Deck and a esc.

Great! Still doesn’t fix my issues with the board having crazy bad torque and only lasting for about ONE km. Which I told them it wouldn’t before they sent them, I also had to pay double import tax since they couldn’t send them in one package, not a big deal but anyway.

Every time I contact them it takes about a week to get an answer and I’ve tried to make them understand for months what’s wrong. For a while the sent me the same reply for weeks not giving a F what I answered.

Now Kieran tells me my warranty is out and he wants to give me a $20 voucher as compensation.

Suck a camels toe Meepo.

TheTalkingNeo says:

Is there a charger for the remote?

Ritchie Marsteller says:

Is meepo a scam or what? They told me this was their address
meepo board

No.14 Luozu AVE.

Baoan District.

Absecon, NJ 08205
It doesn’t even exist

Francis St.Clair Dixon says:

go back to blacked out!

Normando Araujo says:

Hey guys how can I get the new control here in Brazil ? Meepo didn’t send it to Brazil ……

Timmy Wu says:

AMAZING review hooooly crap such a good review

Brett Boughton says:

How long did it take you to get one? I ordered one recently and now I can’t stop watching your videos while waiting for it :-).

鄭宇 says:

Can you make a video about backfireG2s vs meepo V2 thanks

renevank says:

Do you still have to push a button to switch from going forward to going backwards? Because boosted boards dont have this, you can just roll the wheel back and it starts accelerating backwards

D3LTA_W0LF says:

Hey Daniel 😀
I want to buy my first Electric longboard. But I can’t decide between the Meepo 1.5 and the V2. Which one would you recommend ? I have much experience with longboards and skateboards.

ill paynobill says:

Bro keep making videos your review is amazing

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Well done bro.

Michael Santa Maria says:

Those boards are shit.

Dan Bridavsky says:

Anyone know if the Backfire Ranger is able to remain stopped on an incline?

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