MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Unboxing and Review. $250 Boosted Board.

What up YouTube so I got a really cool electric skateboard up for unboxing and review. This is the MEEPO Board from Kierane E Board. This board is a dual hub motor electric longboard with alot of cool features like motion senor, swappable battery, and waterproof design. For around $250 this is an amazing value and there is a warranty on all parts of the board. If you wanna pick one up you can get it here This board resembles the boosted board in many ways and out performs it in several ways as well. This board is extremely easy to handle has 2 speed modes so can go fast as well as being easy to control this board packs quite a punch for the price. I hope you like the video and as always thanks for watching.
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Christoff Tabing says:

Dylan make up a challenge and if you loze the challenge perform the really extreme trick “n.t.t aka nuclear test”.

Domo 13 says:

Can I get a shout out

Ahnaf Mannan says:


Xbloding Block says:

Hey Dylan can I have a yoyo?

Kieran E-board says:

I am LATE!

Domo 13 says:


justin thymes says:

Awsome homie!!!!!Finally got my Blitzart longboard going,sucker is pretty fast and my knees are old!Just rode it today tho and no probs.

Domo 13 says:

I’m first commenter

Big wenie man Clifford says:


rekha seunarine_ezjzj/b*ad xz/x says:

I bagging you can I get one please


1 like = 1 pound he gets
Let’s make him hugeeeeeeeee

Charles khulenberh says:

i can’t skate board 🙁

Yoyoing with friends says:

Can you review the auldey avalanche yoyo

Throws N' Brews says:

I kinda want to get one… once my son gets better at riding his bike, I think I will.

Nolan Breedlove says:


Faze boy garcia says:

Please reply

rekha seunarine_ezjzj/b*ad xz/x says:

can I get a skull figgit spinner please

Jere Mias says:

I have this board and have ridden it for about 30 miles already. This board is top notch quality, no exaggerations. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. The design is phenomenal and doesn’t over complicate anything. Everything is waterproofed (Kieran has a video of him riding in the rain) and he has designed the board to minimize vibrations that could damage the internals. I actually opened up the internals and everything is plug and play. There are really 3 main parts to an electric skateboard. The esc (which is the motherboard), the motors (that connect to the esc), and the battery. That’s it. Kieran has simplified everything so that in the event something does go wrong, everything is just plug and play. You buy the part and just install it yourself very easily. You can even swap the battery on the go if you bring a small tool. I highly recommend this board. I absolutely love it. For the price it is an absolute steal and Kieran’s customer service is 100% and I am not exaggerating on that. He responds to every single message and even gives you his whatsapp that you can use if you need a faster response. All in all, Kieran will destroy the budget skateboard industry with the Meepo.

He also has the Meepo Penny Single and Penny Dual. Lots of options for everyone.

What Dylan said is correct, Kieran is the main one building these boards. This is not from some big corporation that just views you as another customer. Kieran puts a ton of effort into building each and every one. With shipping included, the total will be about 350 but this is for a board that can reach 22 mph and go around 11 miles on a single charge. Plus everything is able to be fixed by the user. What other company is offering this at this price? Get it! I promise you won’t regret it! (PS I get absolutely no kickback or incentive for writing this. I just honestly love what Kieran is doing and he has proven to me that he will do everything to guarantee satisfaction)

Yk Shoe says:


BeauIsAmazed says:

First I want ONE

wenteng lin says:


18ishiju says:

the shipping costs 965$!!! so it becomes 1224.99 anyways… smh

Liquidlava says:

4 th

Yk Shoe says:

That’s cool

Ryan Windle says:

sick review!

Liquidlava says:

im early

EOS44 says:

Man i wish i knew how to skate.

El Reviewero says:

Good video 😀

Skate skoot dog soccer SSDS says:


Yk Shoe says:

What are your tips to put your channel out there

Owen Baldridge says:

Id buy it but im scared of it blowing up and or customer service

Wesley Westwood says:


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