Lou Board 3.0 | Compact Electric Skateboard

This is one sweet little board! I know I didn’t cover everything I possibly could have so if you have questions please leave them in the comments! I will be riding this board a lot so my thoughts and opinions on it may change in time.

*Update 3/23*
After riding the board for awhile everything was great for about 10 rides. Then the problems started, the motherboard was loose and would cause the motors to disconnect. I got a motherboard cover and 3m taped it to the bottom of the deck to prevent it from moving… and then the motherboard went bad on this board. Their customer service has been good and they sent out a replacement. once working again I will continue riding and testing to see if anything else fails.

*Update 4/10*
The motherboard was replaced and the remote was paired and the problem still presists. The wheels spin for a second and then the board just turns off entirely and will not turn back on. I am still talking to soflow to try and work out the issues… as of this update DO NOT BUY THIS BOARD.

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hafiz norhashim says:

would love it if you could try and take it with you on a flight and see if you have problems with TSA or not

Brian C says:

does it come with headlights?

Leoninmiami says:

Great south beach scenery! Currently building an eBoard. Those hub motors are making me reevaluate my approach.

Brendan Wolfe says:

besides the price point, I don’t see how any of these things can compete with Boosted and the M1. The boosted board v2 is just … well amazing. acceleration, style, board flex, and the controller is a thing of beauty. It feels good in your hand and works very well, never breaks connection. My brother owns the M1, its also great, the only downside is the hub motor.. more element safe.. but wayyyy slower acceleration. I suppose these things are a bit smaller so that’s nice. But, guys if you have the money, and you want an e board… get a boosted board. they are incredible. Still waiting for my damn extended range battery .. so there’s that lol. anyway good video thanks for the info.

J Santi says:

Bro. What kind of brand of your sun glasses? Thank you

Vincent Young says:

I wonder can 3.0 take to airport?

Devin Robles says:

Totally paid him to make this

Rocket Frog says:

Could you travel on airplanes with that board ?

brock lesnerd says:

Thats sick lol. I didnt know these existed untill 5 seconds before i watched this video lol.

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

That was a really good review. I like that you acknowledge it’s a purpose build board and don’t bother beating it up because it would be hard to in the X games.

Glenn Guiao says:

“hear that beep?”

Shad0z says:

“i PEE 54” rating

Pirhett says:

Well now I want one haha but can’t justify the price tag :/ Nice review

Mason Tran says:

Are you live in miami fl? Im part of boosted board miami. We have done many ride. Join us. Check out ronworldmiami. Most our ride video there

Csaki Denes says:

Could we charge the skateboard downhill? If yes, when? 😀

Isra says:

battery life?

Markquavise Nichols says:

Its Very Good If U Live In The NYC
Makes Traveling Alot Easier

S ai says:

why do you wear your hat backwards you’re like 40

박리옹 says:

damn sickkkkk i wanna get one

Ryan Pushong says:

Price is insane

miim says:

*soflo* *like* *Antonio*

victor dontyouwannaknow says:

Have you replaced the bushings and bushing cups with washers? make up for the stiff deck.

Teamgee Skateboard says:

price too high for this tiny board?

sinkiez says:

nice vid! miami looking good as always

pyrokine si says:

IP- ingress protection

Chandraprakash G says:

LOL International Protection 😛

It’s Ingress Protection 😉

Lnrdts Apide says:


Jake Enders says:

I was not expecting a thousand dollars

Ки Ми says:


alswords says:

checkout @vikingsofskate boards have come a long way since I started back in ’76

James Costin says:

Not an E Boarder but would love one of these on something with a little bit more of a tail!

Shad0z says:

**drops controller**

James McGrath says:

Nice video, really helpful. Tanks. Also, what kind of set up did you use to film this? I was really surprised when you were riding and I could hear you clearly and there was zero wind noise.


how much does it cost??

Gregory Breen says:

I bought the same board. First ride was great but low range on battery. After my second ride the board started having significant issues. On the 3rd ride the remote disconnected from the board and propelled me through a active traffic light at full acceleration. I tried 1 last ride and hit a bump causing the whole thing to stop. I checked inside and the battery (which just lays there unsecured) broke the circuit board. I waited 4 months to get this board and then it took another month for them to give me a response to my many emails. The response was “we don’t do returns on products which have been ridden”. They did offer a ‘possible’ exchange but I do not feel even slightly safe with it anymore (and don’t like being shot into active traffic intersection). This was one of my worst costumer-service experiences ever and now the board doesn’t turn on (only being used 4 times totalling 2 hours and about 20 miles). I do not recommend this board, though I’ve heard some good experiences but also some much worse. It’s a great concept but also a coin-toss of success (and if it’s not the face you call in the toss then at best case is you wasted your $990. But at worst, who wants to survive their 20’s anyways)

Hammad Khan says:

i like it

bustogw says:

Well just purchased it ,it was pretty expensive, the board maybe good but the communication with the customer service has been awful !! Honestly for that much money I should not wait a week to have an answer.. it makes me wander how professional is this company. Also if I have a problem with the board how is the warranty gonna work if they don’t answer… come on Lou you can do better.

Talon Sei says:

IMPORTANT! Read the description to find updates on the board ^^^

jazeboy69 says:

great review with good insightful feedback for future models. subscribed and liked thx

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