LIKE BOOSTED but $400 with DUAL BELT DRIVE MOTORS -28mph PAEAN Electric Skateboard Review + Giveaway

Like the more popular belt drive brands but don’t want to spend $1000? I’m with you. Paean is a relatively new company making a $400 Dual Belt Drive Brushless Motor Electric Longboard. And it’s actually worth the money. Comment below to get entered to win a brand new Paean Dual Belt Drive board! Drawing at the end of Oct. Winner pays shipping. Comment and Subscribe!

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Jesse Senz says:

I’m from Canada and I skate to be cool and I want a free board. Pls

Dekon Hulse says:

That’s a cool board really want one

brysen conner says:

what is the battery life ?

FElOPATEIR and MHRA soryan says:


aaron udomsay says:


Jose E says:

Drive, control, price, battery

josip broz says:

i want that board

Jose Ramos says:

im thinking about getting a meepo but his video changed my mind

Charles Jenkins says:

I want to enter the giveaway I live in New York

Jaycuhb says:

This electric board is so cool! I was wanting to get a boosted but couldn’t afford it. Then I saw this!!! I am from New York and I love to skate because it makes me feel free like no one can stop me

Jeff Archuleta says:

Texas! Would love to win! Thanks

Virgil Williams says:

New York is worse when it comes to pot holes.

Ballwiz 23 says:

You managed to do an entire eboard review without once mentioning the range you were getting…. One of the single most important things.

Kingjamescorona1 says:

This giveaway was a lie! And the video is still up for views! Boooooooo

Gianluca Bugari says:

how long will the shipment take?


Great video! Hook a guy up from buffalo been wanting a e-board for awhile!

Catherine Pierce says:

I WANT one

Thato Nwamadi says:

this board is dope

Samuel Tompkins says:

From Seattle and I love longboarding to get around! Id love to have this one.

V C says:

Well I guess Ive been wanting the wrong board, huh.

Chad Wood says:

Vero beach Florida skate back and forth to work

jared shaw says:

Electric longboard sounds nice, when you have seizures you can’t drive so you have to skate everywhere it sucks skating for miles i cant wait to save money to get one.

Francis Borgoyary says:

Love it

MareK99 says:

Have you ever seen Slovak roads?

earlbond007 says:

Awesome board

Mason Holter says:

Sign me up for the give away if I didn’t miss it… I’m in Atlanta Ga I skate for transportation mainly these but started in high skool bustin around campus being an awesome punk and all lol dig the Eboard info man thanks

Julius Sander Hansen says:


kyle kothari says:



Range 16 miles

Michael McDonald Drayne says:

Very cool board! I have a Boosted, but would love the speed of this one. Hope I win!

John Bivens says:

Just started riding my new rad about 2 months ago, I,ve been looking into other forms of e-motion. A 400 dollar board looks like a good way to go! If I live long enough I plan to also try the e-unicycle. I hear the Gotway monster is the bad ass on the road now. Anyway, thanks for the vid, best regards, crazy grandpa in Michigan.

dayadeep sidhu says:


2004Valter says:

I’m a 14 year old and I’ve skated for 2 years. I skate with my friends and getting kinda good, like to skate with my friends.

David Kluver says:

dave kluver im 54 years old and i want a board form garden grove ca 657-348-9059 ty

David Oaxaca says:

400? I’m buying that lol

zzumche says:

Looks very interesting. Ordered the other day my first eboard.. trying to get gf to get eboard 🙂 cant wait to ride it.. aloneeee!


i have only ran hub motors, id like to try belt some time

Double D says:

This boards website looks sketchy as I ever seen. the home page shows KooWheels board. totally looks like a scam.

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