Liftboard Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review

Liftboard Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review
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The liftboard dual motor electric skateboard is a fantastic board that offers great speed and acceleration, as well as range at a pretty reasonable price. It has an advertised top speed of 18.6mph and range of 16 miles, and I have found those specs to be not too far off from real world testing. I think it is safe to say this is one of if not the best electric skateboard in this price bracket.

I promised a full review video after I did my unboxing video and here it is! Overall I am pretty impressed with this board. I’m pretty up front in saying that this is my first electric board so there are things I feel I can only really share my opinion on.

A lot of you let me know what you wanted to see and hear about, so I tried to touch on all of it! There were a few things I took note of, but forgot to talk about in the video so I am going to post them here:

1) I don’t know the grade of the hill I went up. In the winter cars slide down it all the time, so it’s definitely more than a slight incline (video of me going up is in the video). It’s the steepest hill around me, but I’m in Minneapolis, where hills aren’t really a thing. With that said, the liftboard dual didn’t miss a beat. Maybe some super slight decrease in top speed, but certainly nothing noticeable.

2) The battery has three lights as indicators, so I don’t know exactly what percentage I got to. I would guess 40% or so. I did not notice any drop in speed or performance as the battery decreased, though I realize I didn’t get it down to 10% or anything like that. Honestly, I didn’t think it would go anywhere near advertised range when mostly being top end speeds, so I did not allow enough time for that ride.

I think those were the two things I missed explicitly talking about. The video is pretty long, a lot of me talking, with some ride footage in there as well. Happy to answer any questions you guys have!


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