Lacroix Electric Skateboard Review

Lacroix Electric Skateboard Review

Special Thanks to Eddie N., Matthew W., Malik M. and Boris for contributing footage to this video.

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Lars says:

Good review! How much is the board?

Solomon Robbin says:

한국인 인가여?

Thatz Razin says:

that remote is a deal breaker

Christoph Hansen says:

the remote is a joke. even my 500 dollar board has a way better remote! They should be shamed, i demand way better stuff for a 2500 dollar board.

Eddie Nunez says:

Nice video Danny. When I test rode the board the day of the meetup I didn’t like the remote and the way it comes to a stop when you brake. Also there is no throttle control. I think boosted makes the best remotes.

Victor Treptow says:

Great video

manifest 73 says:

I can make something similar for the third the price.

Eddy B says:

That is whyI am not ordering one yet. They are behind on the one important thing, the controller. They are definitely going to fix that part.

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Dope ass review bro. Where can I buy one of those? and how much does it coast?

Michael Gatti says:

Great review Danny. I especially agree with your comments on the remote. Looking forward to Lacroix version 2!

Thomas Hogan says:

That board is awesome. The remote is a huge dissapointment though. They put in zero effort with that part. 🙁

Black Phillip says:

9:11 Telematic app for iOS works best. PS: There is something not right with your Bluetooth module.

YanzoDaDon says:

Awesome review. Very thorough. Samsung produce the screen for apple so evolve should make their remote compatible with other boards, and evolve should use the foc box unity lol. Also being a performance board I think they should have brutal acceleration from standstill. Esk8 should have a new spec equivalent to 0 to 100. 0 to 30kmh maybe.

Tartopom Dufour says:

The good point is that you can easily modify it with DIY parts. For example replacing the remote by a nano X will just take 2min. replacing the bluetooth module by a Metr one will take just fez minutes more to get complete telemetry 🙂

socomon69 says:

Check out the photon remote. Would be cool to pair on with the LaCroix.

Rafael Gayoso says:

Does it have a good turning radius?

Terry Laurenzio says:

I’m surprise such a pricy board has such a crappy remote

LJ Powell says:

For all you ladies complaining about the Nano V2 remote, I don’t get it. use it, Enerion ship it w/ the Raptor 2. No LCD screen but who cares? It’s a very reliable remote. My mate has an F40, it has no inside door handles (just string), one window winder, no AC & no power steering & it’s still the greatest fucking car ever produced. Bells & whistles don’t mean a thing. The best remote is one you have complete confidence in & you’re not worrying about while doing 50+ kph on a board. It could use a battery indicator on the board though, would be annoying if you can’t use the app.

Anthony Campos says:

Excellent review. I have a pre-order for the Bajaboard. That seems to be the only other massmarket eboard that can compete with this

NightBot says:

that shitty $5 remote what makes me stop buying and what were they thinking?when you can make great eboard but can’t make decent remote with display or atleast battery level indicator smh.. i am gonna wait till they do make nice remote

Jonny Jones says:

Great review! So the remote and the addition of a battery indicator (for both the remote and board) are the only additions they need to make? Perhaps some medium thread locker on the enclosure screws too 🙂 Other than that, this is a monster of a board, they should be proud of what they’ve made so far! #prototipo

Namelss Vermillion says:

They named it after that Skim soda, that right there is just ……no thanks.

Edward Lee says:

nice review Danny, It’s only my second E-longboard but look up a company called crownwheel (Alibaba) I’ve been using there C5 board and I am very impressed with it so far (similar to an exway x1) and would recommend its well worth a look. they also do an AT board called a C6 that maybe interesting to some, with hub motors ( not belt driven) but a bit on the heavy side.

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