Koowheel Gen 2 Electric Skateboard | Hidden Top Speed Mode!

This board really surprised me. I was skeptical at first but very impressed in the end!
More info on Koowheel – http://www.koowheelskateboard.com

Main Camera – http://amzn.to/2ilUhak
Main Lens – http://amzn.to/2orBf04
Microphone – http://amzn.to/2pBq7iU

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Dan Porzio says:

What is the best board for under 300

CraigH says:

Hi Talon, do you know if this board is allowed on international flights, as you mentioned a swappable battery. I think the KW has to be below a set limit, 150 (I think). Great videos by the way.

skiddywiddy says:

Do you know if this is available in the UK please ?

Michael Bobarev says:


Chris Haynes says:

This or Backfire G2?

Richard Pieper says:

Great vid, tnx. How would one replace the wheels on these hub motor driven boards once they are worn out?

Kriss Carney says:

what is the name of the song you used in video ?

Steve Waters says:

I’m looking for one in the $4.00 – $6.50 range that you can switch out the battery for longer rides . So far the Koowheel board looks like the best one for what I’m looking for. Any info ?

Dennis Kristensen says:

I’m close to taking the plunge in the e-board market. I have found a good deal on the Koowheel – have you had any issues since your first video here?

I have never skateboarded but I have been snowboarding a lot, so that hopefully will help out a bit

Edward Acosta says:

Do they have like a payment so I can try it out

ward says:

can someone please aswer my question: what’s the difference btween a koowheel kooboard an a koowheel onyx

I Sander says:

No idea what a mile is. Im from Europe

Matthew Locke says:

Great review! I’m in Boca Raton, about to buy this board! Price looks right and I’m digging the swap-able battery! Unless you got any other suggestions 😀

RunGunsEatTacos says:

Some of the Chinese boards definitely seem like great boards for the the price. Only thing that worries me is longevity. We all know how reliable Chinese electronics can be.

18ishiju says:

Can you replace the battery on the Koowheel?

The God says:

This or wowgo s2

Nivrozator says:

whats the update on this? any issues?

Cesar Froes says:

This model sell in my country. It’s really expensive, but sounds like a good choice.

pieter koen says:

i bought the new kooboard 2018 , for 550,00eu with extra free bag and lightset. will have it by friday however its not legal too ride in holland on these boards ;(

Cyclonex1CA ca says:

You need to Put a Clamp that needs to go through the board and hold the control box to its board…the tabs will break off and the board is useless without a repair center and They seems to sell and never answering the letters or phones.

Michiel Boot says:

How’s the Kooboard after a month?!

Balint Kulacs says:

My one doesn’t have the secret speed mode and after fully charged it only last for 3 miles not 25 🙁 also- the top speed is 17mph

Vince Gijzen says:

will you still make your 1 month review of the KoowHeel Love to see it

spencer88881 says:

Any chance you could make a list of the boards you have reviewed and rank them from your favorite to least favorite? Thanks!

Control 101 says:

Don’t buy this shit. Bad experience.

Vic Ja4 says:

valuable info! Thanks!

Cyclonex1CA ca says:

Where are you ??? No one answers anymore

Bryan R says:

Is it made in America?

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