KooWheel Electric Skateboard Review

I love when i get sent cool gadgets. The office loves the exploding hoverboards, so we put the two against each other. If you are looking for more information on the electric skateboard it can be found here.
Amazon link: http://sbird.xyz/6cU7aM
Online store: www.koowheel.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/koowheelboard/

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Jordan Hillard says:

Who’s here from the CalvinTJ podcast?

SkuzzyJ says:

Hoverboard jousting… how in the unholy fuck have I not thought of this before?

screwloose455 says:

Earned an unsub. Congrats.

brazesc3 says:

Who is here after the TJ Hunt podcast because you had no idea this video existed.

Jacob Falk says:

Boosted boards are better and more premium but spendy. It’s not really a boosted board copy. You can’t patent an electric skateboard, they’ve been around for awhile. Boosted was just the first to commercialize it.

Guillaume Chartrand says:

I’m guessing this video is sponsored (typing this comment while watching the chevy add)

lastmortalsin says:

haha awesome video. i didnt see that end sequence coming at all

VisualAnalog says:

oh rob.

Randoom says:


Jaret Keethler says:

hey this is sick af

Denton Aikins says:

Totally watching this because of the podcast! Very surprised this doesn’t have more views. Pretty good video!

Ladkyd says:

And people say wolf of wall street type offices can’t exist

Ben Porter says:

hah. the music made it for me. plus the cinematics down the pvc.

Quack_Smoker says:

Man Rob makes high quality videos and that is what makes up for little uploads

Chromezy says:

Have I just found the best and most underrated channel on youtube?

Franco Paparelli says:

The ending tho.

Anthony Drew says:

Swap the engine of the KooWheel with a rotor engine.

Import Fanboy says:

I’m here to watch the video to support the #4rotor even if I’m not interested in the board haha

Koowheel E-scooter says:

Awesome, man. You made it. Thanks

Jesse Lacelle says:


C.T. Wellington says:

okay this is something I could get behind a $600 electric skateboard instead of a $1200 boosted board, which at that price idk how they sell any

Hunter Berg says:

Rob what ever happened with the Lincoln

Azagro says:

Can you fit a 4rotor on it?

Tbone Scriv says:


WantlessFour936 says:

What are the wheels on the 4 rotor rx-7?

Liam Eckert says:

Sounds like a Tie Interceptor from Star Wars

JC_mcsR53 says:

the thumbnail had me convinced it was a long board with a Hoverboard attached to the front lol

Benjamin Henriksen says:

Good video i also just got send a koowheel electric longboard but mine has red wheels

BossSfeedy says:

put a 4 rotor in it

WingManGT says:

First rotary longboard build?

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