Koowheel Electric Longboard – Who needs a Boosted Board?

If you’re in the market for an electric skateboard / longboard, you might be looking hard at Boosted Board, but lo! It behooves you to check out the Koowheel first, because it might just be a better deal.

Buy the Koowheel Electric Skateboard:

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Episode Credits:
Host: Barret Murdock
Writer: Barret / Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock


ene mee says:

thanks for the info.

SDG says:

The range on the Koowheel blows the Boosted out of the ocean! It’s a shame it doesn’t accelerate as quickly as the Boosted, I guess we just can’t have it all (yet). :/
Edit: Nevermind… Watched till the end and that is fast…

jonowee says:

No deadman’s switch on the throttle remote?

DioOmicida says:

12 miles just doesnt seem that long. But maybe because I only drive.

Jere Forsyth says:

How is it possible that you, and all of your friends, out of all of those people, no one knows ​how to adjust a skate truck, oh, oh, sorry, Canadian. I get it now.

Ben Hillman says:

I just reviewed this on my channel. I think it’s really fun. I definitely agree that the starting and stopping is very jolty.

JLM Studios says:

22 miles?! I hope your joking. I own one if these and it gets maybe 12 every charge.

BelviGER says:

I would have expected somebody at NCIX to be able to get the technical specs right

“an electric motor” it has two
“battery has 500w” no the motors do
“44mah” – ok you did correct that

Jarb2104 says:

The future iiiiss…… back?

steffeeH says:

How does it flex when standing on it? Isn’t the battery bulky and all?

Andrew Penman says:

Nice review Dude )) well done )) cheers Andrew

Huskie says:

DIY is something that exists.

Tony Atzen says:

Sorry. I don’t like this guy’s voice.

Darcy Wood says:

What no RGB wheels or under glow?

Gibram Alvarez says:

sick board bruh!

Huskie says:

The boosted board has the kegel wheels and loaded deck, it’s just a bunch of things that come together to make it just that much better than any other board. I still wouldn’t buy any, I would DIY it.

jake murdie says:

pls try boosted and compare!

DioOmicida says:

I know id lose it for sure.

Sammie Malesci says:

you don’t mention the HUGE voltage sag koolwheel gets ( not as powerful as the battery drains) The advertised range is nowhere close to the advertised range. You can not do a review comparison with only one of them…

enjoy says:

“It’s about 4 iPhones thick” – damn

Jay Dority says:


D4 L0N3 says:

Evolve bamboo gt smashes the boosted out of the park.

JayCookies says:

Koowheel battery doesnt beat boosted. Boosted is just more honest about their range.

Epic Gamer Zone says:

ur funny. keep up the good work

Mohammed Mustafa says:

can we change the wheels in this skate board

Osimac says:

“however the koowheel battery has 500 watts of power”
er, no, watts is a measurement of energy per second, or joules per second. Batteries don’t use power, they supply them, to electric motors. *the motor uses 500 watts of power.*

5 seconds before that in the video, you talk about how the koowheel has a much farther range than the boosted board, just a little confusing….

yes batteries have rated power delivery, but the motor would be the bottleneck in most cases, or they are matched evenly.

jeez i thought u guys were smart

Capt.J-Paul says:

boosted board!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Le says:

I bought myself a Genesis Hellfire. Both the Koowheel and the Genesis are the same, the branding and the price differ. They have the same remote and the same chargers.

Bane Tudajfor says:


Mario Parra says:

In the eboarding community, the Koowheel is seen as a budget board. It’s one of the boards that works okay at the start, but may not last very long and encounter motor and/or battery issues. I suggest you test it for longer and try another board in future reviews. The Boosted Board is definitely worth its price based on its quality and performance. The sensitive throttle and poor braking issues you mentioned aren’t present on the Boosted. Also, wear a helmet

RainingLemons says:

Nah mate, give the Evolve electric board ago. This is trash compared to that.

vdk b says:

I have this board and every time i ride it, the controller looses the connection with the board, for like a second, making the motors stop suddenly. It is almost like hitting brakes when going at fast speed.

Sander van Slooten says:

the specs do not match, have you even really tried the board?

JSB says:

Please help me
I have a little problem with the skateboard
I can not recharge, I’ve left it all night plugged in and it does not go beyond the two charging lines
Is the charger light always blue?
I tried to go skating in case the load was ok and it was just that the light bulbs melted but it is not like that, it does not load, the skateboard has no force
What’s wrong? Is the charger fault? Is it skateboard failure? Are you skateboarding on or off?

Lain Macauley says:

The graphics on this channel are fantastic.

Andre Adhitya says:


Matt F says:

you should try putting a C7 truck on the front and see how it handels

Koowheel E-scooter says:


Kaoru Sugimura says:

Did that say $1,299 and $1,499?
Fuck that. For that price you can get an ATV that would blow that thing out of the water.

Elimentus says:

From the perspective of someone who’s longboarded for the last 7 years but doesn’t own any electric version, I can definitely see the appeal for both systems! I think the Boosted Board still seems a little more premium just because it’s based on Loaded’s Vanguard deck and uses Orangatang wheels. Their controller also seems much more refined when compared to the rough Koowheel one. That said, neither of those equate to 2x the cost!!

Would have loved to see some slides attempted on those wheels!

SmokeyJoe024 says:

How long was the board tested? Week? Month?

Raphael Teves says:

still waiting for the real “hoverboard”.

DioOmicida says:

I cant believe I watched this entire video.

DioOmicida says:

I wish I could skateboard..

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