KingKong Pro Electric Skateboard | $300 or skip it?

Here are my impressions of the board… do with it what you wish.

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Dennis lee says:

This or Lou Board?

Nicola Bonazzi says:

In fast mode u dont feel the power smooth as much

weedXD38 says:

Yeah l think I’ll pass on this looks like a death trap!!! I agree with you definitely a Entry level, thanxs , Happy St Patty’s Day!!! Yeager 🙂

• DELfromLB • says:

Yikes!  KingKong Pro “Anxiety Attack” Electric Skateboard.  Thank God you survived this review!  I grew up riding skateboards (no, you are NOT allowed to ask how many years ago that was) through the streets, at many skateboard parks and on a home made 7′ ramp in our backyard – LOVED skateboarding, but I have never been on an E-Board before…closest thing to an E-Board, when I was growing up, was to grab the bumper of a car and hold on for dear life.

Allen G says:

Usually, when the motor spins backward a bit, it means that it’s running in unsensored mode for the VESC. FOC or hybrid motor mode usually comes with higher quality VESCS

Jonathan Vaucher says:

This is obviously not 300$ seen the dual hubs. I’m pretty sure without even looking that the price with shipping must be AT LEAST 450 USD.

Connor Garr says:

This thing looks mad sketchy…I like it

Mark Crane says:

I just want someone to tell me if there are any cheap electric boards that are worth it.

R dov says:

Love all ur vids…keep em coming,I wish I was in that Miami heat (not so much up here in new england) lol

Tyson Allgaier says:

Try an Atom Electric board, I own a B.10 and it was $400 and I like it


As a skater myself I look at this and wonder why I don’t have one!

Vern Pierre says:

do you prefer kinkong or lou board?

THE BalROCK says:

Great vid as allways bro
But that board seems so sketch
If they listen and address the issues seems like it wouldn’t be half bad for a starter

Matt Dodd says:

What about the Pomelo board?

Braxton Giles says:

Damn that thing looks dangerous, better give it away before you get hurt 😉

Andrew Miller says:

I Definetly would love to see more budget boards not practical for me to spend a grand on one. Keep it up. #dopestvloginthegame

Andre Bromfield says:

As terrible as this board is .. if you don’t want it I’d love it man Jesus in the UK these aren’t so common

Joe T says:

I watched allot of your videos dope! I Subscribed

GMguy says:

Ive been following the pre-campaign for an identical board under a different name:

It’ll be launched on Indiegogo, but I find it interesting that the campaign for that board is just wrapping up, and this board is dropping next week.

Stephen R says:

You should try using the app, t has settings that could potential fix the issue. Also see an answer to your review by the creator of the product:
“For the Jerky ride.

King Kong Pro dual motor is designed for high torque. So when user is fully accelerating and then sudden brake or sudden loose the throttle, user may feel a bit jerky. This is caused by the high torque and the user’s riding habit. But Kingkong Pro has the ability of self-learning the user’s riding habit, and once it adapts to user’s riding habit, the jerky problem will be solved automatically.
If people want to reduce the torque, can also adjust the acceleration power on APP, this can also solve the jerky problem.

For the short wheelbase
We design a kicktail for Kingkong Pro, that is why we use short wheel base, this is easy for user to do quick turning.”

steeven coogan says:

Thanks for the review.

Patrick Connors says:

Interesting breakdown, not a skater, but intriguing to watch… perhaps, because I am an information hound.

Terreonn Henry says:

I really hope you do a review of the Jed Board when it comes out! Great video!

Daniel King says:

Yo Talon. Hope you weren’t on or near the bridge today.

Donavan Price says:


Keegan Sutton says:

I made my comment too early in the video. My only guess is you may have gotten a prototype or concept model

GregFromthe Nyc says:

Did you check the app maybe that third mode can be accessed there?

Trails Of The Smokies says:

With a flooded market of expensive and cheap boards, I’d say skip it. WOWGO is still better in my opinion.
Thx for the review.

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