It might be a Boosted Board KILLER 25mph POWER! – Exway Electric Skateboard Unboxing / Ride Test

This board… it surprised me. This isn’t a review, don’t treat it as such. I need more time with it. For $888, this is a contender.

ExwayUSA Website:

This board is a rocket. I will need to fully test it before I can put my stamp on it, but this one looks GOOD. This actually is, finally, a serious contender for the throne.

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TrapHouseTV says:

I rather get the meepo awd for 800 bucks!

KHALID Al muzini says:

Review the Teamgee h9 plz!

Carlos Ortigoza Dempster says:

Have you have any problems with the wheels falling apart? (As described by FabTRAV in his YouTube channel). Basically (according to him), they start to break after a few kilometers due to the sharp edges of the wheels. Thanks a lot for your reply

Aaron Ramirez says:

I really like the remote shows you the MpH genius

Zinkor from Mars says:

Where’s Dennis??

Grace Hampton says:

Casey test it

justcarryonnow says:

I like it BUT i need more range. 10 miles (prob 7-8 in real world) is not enough. There’s no option on their website for extra range also

Streamer Highlights says:

is this airplane friendly? looking to get a board to travel with

Grace Hampton says:

Cool video but also cool shirt! Where did u get it?

ss4nox says:

whelp, no online sales… this looks interesting as hell, based in the states means better support most likely, but this is a buzzkill…if i can’t buy that from canada :

Aaron Ramirez says:

What’s the range on this one?

Graeme Franks says:

LOL moment, your intro! Classic. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a helmet, so this is a serious speed demon 🙂 But…only a 10 miles range (and in reality it’s probably not that much), no way to change batteries….at least with boosted you can change batteries in a pinch so you have some flexibility. Good review though.

Carlos Barreto Ortiz says:

@press reset when are you coming to Chicago for a ride?

23 Russell23 says:


Keenan Smith says:

As someone who was formerly military, whenever someone says “military grade”, I get extremely doubtful of that statement because I have seen idiots destroy things without issues. What would be a more impactful statement is idiot proof.

Trick Tricksterz says:

I understand the safety idea behind not letting you go full speed before you’ve hit a certain amount of miles. However, if you loved this board and you managed to get through more than 1, having to go through a safety process more than once would get kind of tedious.

octavius g says:

But how did it handle over NYC ‘s bumps and cracks and how is it up hill ? Boosted and Meepo V2 + owner , I’ll keep my eye out for this board

octavius g says:

I have so many questions about this board price point about right and stealthy

pariocean chicago says:

Nice video but you really need to put some fluf on your microphone when you are riding!

Jason Latorre says:

Any noticeable voltage sag?

Clint Byrne says:

Should I cancel my boosted board order?

Zio Orco says:

What about the range!

GSHeverything _27 says:

I just want something for $300 dollars, any suggestions???

Gero Sundermeyer says:

Seems great on paper, but I’m not sure if it can keep up in safety and comfort compared to BB.
I mean the shape of the deck doesn’t really seem elegantly or functionally designed.

But the remote, hubs and battery “enclosure” look excellent. Plus for stealthyness.

Would have been interesting to see the range, braking and coasting ability.
Thanks for the vid!

Ryan Gordon says:

Would be happier to see it cost $200 extra, weigh a couple pounds more, be another 1/2 inch thicker and have twice the battery capacity. That would give it the range to make it a complete no brainer purchase for commuters like myself. Sure 10 miles already but why ride a board if it’s not fun? I need 10 miles in fun mode not baby mode.

Killerwolf says:

All you people riding electric shit here in NYC and I’m there on my carbon fiber racing road bike smoking all of you with pure foot power and it is even easier on the Williamsburg bridge lol

paul kieffer says:

120 watt hours. Speak English you tool.

Sean W. Barton says:

Marbel board has been out for 2 years and goes just as fast and Marbel even has a 2.0 board out now and it weighs even less

Voty fx says:

Try new Backfire G2S (it is upgraded Backfire 2 version) with 96 wheels 😛

Das Kino says:

Can’t wait for a full review

Stefan0man says:

These boards are just slightly better than the stary boards. I don’t care for them. Ronnie sarmiento, and Fabian Doerig did reviews on this 6 months ago and the wheels chipped, battery pack drained, it just ya… Maybe it got better????

huzzler g says:

Nice review ! Mine will arrive me soon . Can’t wait to test it! Every Esk8 company should use a remote control with a amoled display ! So u always can see the speed and battery status ! This company did it ! So nice !

Paolo Rivas says:

How bout u review the slick revolution flex eboard. C’mon dude pls do it

Hephaestus says:

Is the board WATERPROOF? 25mi/h Dude you will be flying off the board on Brooklyn Streets

Robert Paul Guidry says:

how much distance can this board give us?

TheTallWizard says:

That intro line was comedy

Michael Saucier says:

I was thinking he should let Dennis ride it until it’s unlocked. More Dennis show!

Spyder says:

What gloves are those?

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