Is a $450 Electric Longboard From Walmart Worth It?? || LIFTBOARD Single Motor Review

Have you ever wanted to own an electric longboard? Do you not have the money for more expensive boards such as a Boosted Board? This $450 Lift Board from Walmart may be your solution…or not…you’ll have to watch the video to find out ;).

+ From Walmart (Single Motor):
+ From Amazon (Single Motor – CHEAPEST):
+ From LiftBoard (Single Motor):
+ Dual Motor:

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Brandon Buller says:

I rode my friend’s Boosted Board a couple times this week. You know I’m a pretty big guy and it was crazy quick!

Gary Pleasant says:

You should wear a helmet all of the time when riding this board. I have had this board for a year. I can’t say I would recommend it. The gears attached to the wheels will separate and rub on the motor mount destroying the mount and gears. The belts are low quality and not able to be tightened after they are broken in. The batteries are very low quality as well. After 6 months of daily use my range has dropped to 6 miles(230lbs) I had to order a pack of screws to replace all of the ones that have fallen out of stripped from me tightening then repeatedly. Buy lock tight at Walmart if you buy this board.

candainboy21 Graeme says:

so is that board worth it then?

Henning Air says:

You get for some bucks more the new Boosted Board Mini

Darko Jerinic says:


Camden Hawkins says:

All of the Amazon reviews say that it breaks within 3 weeks

Logicz says:

do a review on the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard. i have it and it’s a good, cheap board. $170

CDavis Flies says:

First like

Ryan Sondak says:

Im gonna buy this! great vid, as always

Ty Witte says:


candainboy21 Graeme says:

whatttt doss all walmart have them now?????

swami on pc says:

What happens if you don’t fly you drone for a long time

Tyson Fulton says:

Just ordered the lift board I’m hoping I will like it. After watching your video it definitely helped me make my decision on buying one! Thanks for the awesome video! Keep up the great work!

Aussie Mark says:

Great review. Thanks for sharing.

Gewoon Kevin says:

Great video, i want a electric longboard for a long time, but i don’t have enough money sadly… i have a pennyboard and i’m fine with that.

John Beurer says:

I have had my lift board for 5 months and honestly I have to say, it is amazing and it was worth every single penny.

Balloon Animal says:

Damn man should’ve gone to Sam’s you could a got to do a motor for $500

Yannick says:

Very cool vid!

See John Vlog says:

When is the summer vacation videos?? France?? Caribbean again??

Ruslan Sultanov says:

I bought my lift boardjust few days ago and I have to say this board is amazing and it’s fast but I feel like you have to get the dual motor

SlantingManx 874 says:

Great video I have a boosted board that I’ve had for a year

Rocco Germani says:

Nice! I can’t wait for that Mavic Pro Platinum vid!

Andrea Garcia-Estrada says:


Zumaa says:

this is an amazing looking board for 450 bucks but in the uk electrics skateboards arent good for the roads and slick revolution has a really nice cheap mine but there flex-e board has really good rough stuff wheels that can go on terrain its dual motor and very fast

See John Vlog says:

It’s funny u posted this. I just bought a yuneec board. Any idea quality?

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