INSANELY Thin and Light Electric Skateboard

OMG 😳 this Exway electric Skateboard is INSANELY Thin and Light ►►►

EXWAY Board:


►►► What i use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Honor 9:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:


Oz Nusem says:

not worth your time

Baji K-orvisamo says:

Thanks for saving my wallet.

Physi Math says:

I love the board. For some reason I do get over 12KM range on 3rd gear. And more range when on 2nd gear.
I also noticed that the controller shows max speed 35km/h but goes 30km/h. That I found has to do with the settings on the app. You can unlock everything from the app. I really enjoy this board. As said I do get over 12KM at 35km/h, and I am more than happy with it, especially since everyone who watches you has no idea how you are moving, because it looks just like a normal high end longboard and it is extremely quiet. So I think it is really worth the money.
Check “press-reset” review for a range test.

Evil Speculator says:

Dude, next time wear a helmet. Nächstes Mal trage einen Helm!

ReclaimedPalletCreations says:

I would be afraid with my weight that I would snap that board!


I’ve been riding the board for 2 months now and imo it’s rad. I weigh 91kg, and can make 39km/h easily. It climbs well and is fully waterproof which is great. With my fast riding it gets about 12km, but the board rolls like a normal longboard once turned off so you can always just push 😉

Hueborn says:

These reviews are great, and I always feel like I’m getting the real truth. The cut around 10:08 made me laugh.

My car is Stupid says:

theres a fourth mode idiot

Stefan0man says:

Fabian your awesome man! I watch your videos a lot! And the HALO board is light carbon fiber, 22 mph with up to 12 mile range.

James rocktite says:

do you like the meepo or whatever its called for 250$ looks like a deal unless its got major defects

JK's man cave says:

I started to ride electric skateboards from generation 1 such as Exkate, E-glide and later generation boards like Evolve. Now I have Exway prototype board and love it so far. As for the range, yes I agree with people saying the range on their website is kind of exaggerated. I also get about 30% less than what it is said on their website but I have no problem with it. First of all, I am just too old to carve hard more than 5km consistently otherwise my legs will get locked up. lol There are a lot of conditions affect the actual range though. Like we all know, rider’s weight, height, the road condition(and slope degree), speed level and even temperature. One thing people don’t really consider is though, riding habit. If you carve hard then you will get less range than who ride straight mostly. (I do carve hard) Also if you normally push off to start the board and use foot brake to stop from your skateboarding habit then you will get slightly longer range than just using the remote controller only to start and stop. I guess my skateboarding habit compensates my weight and hard carving to get about 30% less range than it is advertised and I am totally ok with this.

gogomike69 says:

Wow the wheels are trashed in no time

PaulTalks says:

Why I think Exway Board (Sucks Shit):

Joel Hansen says:

Your reviews have one HUGE problem when you test during the Swiss winter. Skateboard manufacturers typically rate their board’s performance at 27° C because that’s when a lithium ion battery produces its most power & battery life. Then you go out and test their boards in the freezing cold. At 0° the battery is putting out roughly half the power it did at 27°! Half! Then you bitch the board doesn’t perform up to spec when the real problem is you don’t account for the effect temperature has on battery power & longevity.

Batteries aren’t magic. Temperature matters. A lot! Batteries make their electrical power by chemical reactions. The lower the temperature, the slower the rate of those reactions. Which is why battery power drops so dramatically as the temperature drops.

Zach Pfeffer says:

Why is there a gun ad on your channel?

david smith says:

Its like its powerd by one 18650….

Joshgruber says:

respect dude you still killing it!!!

Tim Broxton says:

I like the intro, what exactly are you saying? 😛

Swiss Tony says:

Thanks, saved me from making an expensive mistake.

Lingyuan Zheng says:

I think there’s actually a speed mode 4, and for sure on speed mode 3 & 4, exway cannot reach a range 16 at that speed and temperature.

A1 SC says:

I rly rly like ur electric skateboard reviews keep them coming

Moose6s says:

can you show a electric board that is pretty cheap but good

Mrlongname says:

so the board sucks.

QUIM8 says:

Try the Onan x2!!

beesleyboy says:

Im sure you know, but if the board is light, its probably because the battery is small, so the range will be rubbish, lovely looking board though. G

Abdullah Khris says:

can you list all skateboards you tried best one first and worst one last

becks0r says:

hast du keine Kofferwaage? wäre vielleicht etwas genauer als wenn du es auf die Waage stellst

Mark P says:

Waiting for the test of the Flowdeck X… seems to be a good alternative?

Alex V-i-P says:

If you start using the re-gen charging while your battery is full you chould never run out of power?

Alex Tyrwhitt says:

This vlog about the Exway is just what I needed to see! I’ll only need 7km range to go to work and back so I think I’ll bite the bullet and get it!

GambinoBeatz says:

Please do a review of Kaly NYC Boards 🙂 and please come to Hamburg ..i really like to skate with you ;P

Michael says:

I am a diehard fan of yours . I watch every vlog. I am about to catch up and watch the last 3 videos. but any new news on “your board”? I guess I’ve been waiting for a video titled. “Fabian’s Board is here!” or ” Fabian’s Board ideas!”

Ronnie Sarmiento says:

Fabian, I felt the same way about it my review. Love how lightweight it is, how fast it can go, how good the board carves/rides, but the range is what kills it. If this could get 10+ miles of range it’d be worth it.

Michael Rossi says:

That remote didn’t look ambidextrous!

AttinatorHD says:

Kannst du mal video über yuneec e-go machen der ist auch 6,5 kilo

Rob Young says:

Great reviews! I work in a camera shop and was geeking out to a customer about vloggers like you. Long story short, he hired me to vlog for his business. So Thank You!

Dave Smith says:

Did you build the board your working on yet!

•Sounds4You• says:

Grüezi fabian

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