INSANE Electric Skateboard – 6000 WATT

6000 WATT – This Electric Skateboard is INSANE – Metroboard Dual Plus Stealth Edition ►►►



►►► What i use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:


G77P5sDQ3tCWuSg says:

Why doesn’t the wind resistance on your body throw you off the board? Also, is it worth the high price?

Snowflex PxP says:

Eh, stronger breaks wouldnt be such a good idea and actually more of a hazard because you can come to a full stop going 25 mph and go flying off it.

Joachim J Feby says:

Please test an Nextdrive electric skateboard!!

The Junior says:

38km/h? Man mine can go up to 35km/h and it’s only 1200w.

steven poels says:

fat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aleksei Petrovski says:

El Camino in San Mateo?

Vladimir PutinYarbutt says:

Review the Halo Board

Cocreations space says:

if you have a choice to buy a new board, choose a good board, I brought Yuneec for 650 euros, its a toy, if you want something proper get this board

GamingKunuck says:

When electric boards get to 50 mile range, with a top speed of 30ish. I think more people will favor for boards for short commutes to work

Mahesh Khubchand says:

Dude u r soo good to express the enjoyment and really make to buy the product. One request if you could tell or brief more about the product like, the price, if the batteries could get charged on reverse braking Tec as u said in gt board but seriously u r good to express the fun!!!!

Jonathan Attal says:

It’s look very stable.

InstaSnacks says:

Did you go on the freeway with it? I can’t tell

Nick Stunts says:

San Mateo Represent!

Panda Boy says:

fucking amaxing. but seems so dangerous. they should call it the death board. but no lie. wow. i could travel my whole city with this and not need the train anymore. freaking crazy and sick.

Metal13 Wolfgang says:

Dude your fearless , i worship you.

Dave Sabourin says:

Can I have one of your old boards you don’t use anymore?

MenzMusic says:

Your insane dude , you were overtaking trucks…. You fall your toast 🙂

BPR Gamer's TV says:

Giveaway dude

Werner says:

Wow, interesting device!

Beddamade says:

Here is how to change the skill, and breaking level for this board.

christian magnaye says:

woohooo i want that board….i didn’t see anyone riding with e-skateboard…

W.S. Lewis says:

dude.. its time for you to shift onwards and upwards to mountain boards and maybe getting some air time

hahahaha says:

I wanna see what happens when u meet a sidewalk curb whilst at a fair amount of speed. Do u brake get off it n pickup the 11kg dead weight or go to a longboarder no comply up a kerb or do u do like most real skaters do, ollie up the kerb n carry on.

seb stern says:

Can you try and review the Enertion raptor 2? I’m pretty interested to see how you think it is compared to the other boards you have ridden.

Dewey does it says:

Id love to review a board like that.

eastwood brown says:

What’s the gas powered equivalent

GAproductions says:

Crazy video it looked like you were on the highway in some shots

TONI says:

That remote is 8 dollars on eBay

ademite says:

Damn your right over the bridge, hit me up to ride.

Keegan Murphy says:

this shit is fake his hair and jacket are barely affected by the “60 mph wind” hitting him. it was filmed on a 360 camera and they faked the camera movements

bobby averona says:

is it fast?

DarthSmartt says:

Cool cool

Robert Teegarden says:

Crazy! That thing is nuts!

Crab Hawk says:

Cruising El Camino on a skateboard.

Daniel Olsson says:

now online probably under 800 euros

Travis Hancock says:

what was the name and model of the board you were riding in this video..? thanks man

Triggerpimp says:

Sweet review

Iskewb says:

What happens if you lose the remote control unit? Is there an alternative way to brake?

Evolve Life says:

Thanks for bring straight up bro… stay safe… one syupid driver abd no more reviews… msybe wear helmet as tjr bostds are going to keep getting faster…. fibd put brakes dont work with out almost dying… wear more arnour please my friend… only one crash and you can never walk again n thats being tame… we eant more so dont let someone send you a dud board and then you dive in traffic at 40

Saschlo 77 says:

Did you manage (solve) the problem with the brakes ???

Nadia More says:

5:32 omg listen to tthe way he says Alot

Cedric Pesin says:

You should really stop with your km conversions, because you’re always far from reality in all your videos

In this case 25 miles is 40 km, a short way to convert it, would be using the fibonacci sequence which would give you (34+3+3) or to do miles number+miles number/2+miles number/10. (25+12.5+2.5) all techniques will get you close to reality, but making a conversation like 25 to 27 as if it was close to a one on one ratio when it’s closer to one on two is ridiculous.

Deanz Sony says:

Hi bro!! Wish you can give me your electric skateboard just 1, i will so happy, iam always watching your vlog and i want to try it. Im from indonesia 🙂
I just can a dreams have it :'(


No wind in you hair ! Fuck 🙁

Michael Zukerman says:

here’s the other side of this coin, you are one pothole away from a serious injury with this board. You can’t always see issues in the streets and once it’s too late, you are going to the hospital or worse..

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