Inboard M1 review!

Inboard M1:

Impressions video:

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Farhan Tanveer says:

i can get car for that money

Aidan Zhakypov says:

Any on plans on reviewing evolve gt and acton’s new boards?

Mark Ching says:

Thorough review, great job Sam! Thanks

Will Green says:

What app did you use for tracking speed, etc? Inboard rider here. Would be interested to see the top speed outside of the first party app.

Mysteryboy0007 says:

fk this get the evolve for sure its way more fun then this crap. even boosted is better

Dacian JMZ says:

That one guy who flops at 59:00

Royal_Music 1332 says:

Where can I get one of these?

Stelios Antoniou says:

Boosted forever

Jordan Krush says:

Heres a link for a $100 off the m1 Inboard! Have fun and be safe guys!

Anthony Verdone says:

what do you think about the mellow drive

Battsetseg Tsedev says:

The lack of going forward and back bish that skateboard carting a person very heavy

Kenneth Kum says:

Nice…I got about 11 miles on intermediate mode today

Savage Sloth says:

Nice review. But damn these expensive supreme caps are so ugly

bobo42024 says:

Pretty shit for $1500

Oreo Bug says:

Sam what is the max weight for this board ???

David Ams says:

Good job man ! Thanks for the review 🙂

Ian says:

review an evolve bamboo gt!

PM69415 says:

Get 100 USD of your future order, by using

Young Pup X says:

What’s the best portable one? (Like around the size of a regular skateboard). I’d be riding one to like a Walmart, so I’d need to bring it in, and I feel like bringing in a big longboard wouldn’t look too good.

Keko says:

Hey! I just wanted to know which one would be a better choice, a boosted board gen 2 dual, or the inboard m1. I plan to use it on a daily basis and I was wondeirng which one would last longer and more worth it for its price. Thanks Sam!

Chuong Do says:



California RV Dreamin says:

Battery is too small and so are the wheels/motors…200$ for a 99watt hour battery….yikes..Waiting for my Raptor 2 which I got to demo…vroom…!

J.T. Berard-Moore says:

make a best electric vehicle video

Themilkman1414 says:

Or you could get a Boosted Board.

Justin Tuchek says:

outside of battery swap, haven’t seen a good reason not to go with a Boosted v2 with extended range

Philip Whitford says:

Sam you need to keep the review of products coming! Great job as always and your voice is perfectly suited to it!

winky phillips says:

Z board is the way to go

Choxi says:

Great video Sam! What app were you using to test the speed of the board?

Jesse Patterson says:

Sam, if you wanna try or review a leiftech, or zboard2 pearl, I’ve got them too. You should come out to an NYC eboard group ride sometimes.

Jonathan Attal says:

Raptor 2 is better for me.

Nothing says:

Awesome review, was curious about this board after seeing the Kickstarter a while ago. Hey @Sam Sheffer I take it they sent this out to you as a review unit? If so you should ask Evolve Skateboards to send you an Evolve GT series board. They are stupid fast, like faster than the Boosted Board 2 and have almost 3x the range. No one in the US seems to review them.

Roshe Run says:

Carmine 6’s, Bred 1’s, Floral Janoski’s :hat

TheLegend 27 says:

Why just not buy a motorcycle?

trueeerinessjazzmile says:

your video was included on this article about inboard being on shark tank: !!

Cameron McIver says:

Sara Dietschy foot cameo at 1:02?

Adam Nieweglowski says:

hey, one question. Is it possible after unloading the battery to finish the trip using it as normal longboard?
Appreciate your answer, great review

James Szkobel-Wolff says:

Great Video Sam! I like how succinct your review was. Sometimes those 10 plus video reviews can get long but I’m glad you got to the point quick. Keep on keepin’ on!

Dan Rigsley says:

SO it does not have gradation braking. You can’t slow down or control the speed when you feel you’re going too fast down hill??

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