If Elon Musk Made an Electric Skateboard – The Exway Review

Thank you for tuning in to Episode 11! This time I got my good friend Mario (@ourcore) to give me his thoughts on this new board he held down for about 3 weeks!

The Exway is a fantastic board (in my opinion of course) full of useful features. It may just replace your boosted board. Watch the review and let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

To purchase an Eway go here – https://www.exwayusa.com/#/

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Seage Speaks says:

So wait…. if you run out of juice and need to get home, you cant take your dead board on a bus? What?

Scott Tarlow says:

If Elon Made this skateboard, it would have a bunch of quality control issues, people would be waiting years to get it, the software would suck, and the company would be on the verge of bankruptcy.

SleptOn says:

Wait… are you allowed to say that a cheap Chinese board has given you less problems than an almighty boosted board? Lol

Jay Boston says:

Awesome review Mario!!

leeit2me says:

If Elon Musk made a skateboard.. he would have put flame throwers on it.. and blast you into space… and dig a big hole to china… HAHA..

Dh Djf says:

God dammit Neil

huzzler g says:

Finally my exway review ! Nice one bro !


Best board for a beginner is one without a motor.

Gregory Patzelt says:

Good video bro. The range and voltage sag are the issues holding me back here, otherwise I’d already have one…. I’m sure I’ll see you saturday!

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Wow! Really? I had no idea that you couldn’t take an e-board on the bus. Why? Did they give a good reason why?

Mr Esk8 says:

Anybody got some peanut butter cuz I’m jelly AF right now!…GRRR!

I love the NYC EK8 scene. You guys are a tight knit community. Tishawn you are an inspiration. Much respect!

Daydreamer johnsen says:

How does your remote show its battery level along with the boards? Mine only shows the remote battery level when i turn it on and then just the board level when the speedomter comes on

BrandonDGr8 says:

Great video! Miss riding with you guys already, but I’ll be back soon enough – like this weekend ;). I’m keeping an eye on the exway; I’ve been looking for a nice stealthy board that I can kick push and exway is definitely on that list. Really the only other option I’ve been looking at that fits both those requirements is the Teamgee boards… We’ll see if I ever end up buying any of these hub motor boards though

brandon garrison says:

I wish my boosted board turn on with the remote

Adrian Gez says:

Hi Tishawn welcome back man been awhile since you last did a video love this video it’s cool

The Man of Mead says:

Elon Musk is just a puppet. Shortly to be disposed of by the illuminati.

Archee Booking Agent says:

well done both!.. see you soon

Mark Williams says:

It would fall apart like the cars he makes terrible quality

tmikjak says:

Hell yea for the exway. I just got mine about a week ago and I love it. The voltage sag is a bit annoying once you get lower on charge since the controller vibrates when the charge hits about 33%, 20%, and then 10% and sometimes fluctuates between them. But man is this thing smooth. The bushings have a triangular shape which is interesting and the carving and acceleration is so smooth. Also this thing has cruise control. Win

Beelzebob the innocent says:

I dunno man Mario has one of those foreign accents kinda worried his other ride might be a Vespa. Great review/camera work

Enertion Electric Skateboards says:

Nice video guys! tishawn, I’m jealous of that 16mm f1.4. I need it. see you next week – roan

Joe Explores says:

great work my friend!

socomon69 says:

I had ZERO issues from my Wowgo. It was a perfect board to learn to ride on. If I had to spend $1200 – $3000 right out of the gate, I may never have given ESK8 a try. The less expensive Chinese boards will open the hobby to more people to try. Those that stick with it will go on to buy more premium boards later.

Sungwon Shin says:

exway has come a long way ! I remember first generation board you brought it out before and it didnt look quite the way but now this is looking better !

Louis Y says:

Wait till there is bigger wheel option

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