Genesis electric skateboard review

my take on the electric board made by Genesis out of New York


COMET212 says:

Hey fella if you experience some disconnection KooWheel showed me how to re-sync the remote to board. Also how to unlock the speed to 25mph. Its on my video page in the comments. It worked for me. I have a Hellfire.

eli elmore says:

This may be a stupid question. But as u know with some hoverboards, when u leave them charging over night they seem to not work as right and some have even”caught fire”. Have u noticed any trouble with charging overnight or unsupervised……. and how long would u say it needs to be charged

Sheriff Ceesay says:

I agree, it’s boring seeing it come out of the box. People want to hear your experience. Good job!!

danteelite says:

Good review, it’s been hard to find a decent review this comprehensive.. most are kids going “uhm its pretty fast, and kinda uhm it goes like.. uhm 20mph I think.” and it was a bit bothersome lol This review hit a few points I was curious about.
Also, do you know how many parts are replaceable? I know you said the bushings, but is that it?
Thanks, and good video.

Homer Simpson says:

Wanna be Casey lol

Elite PlayZ says:

It goes 22 mph press the power button 7 times

Starfighter9397 says:

Great Review! Super helpful for those of us still on the fence about getting a board from Genesis : )

Powlas Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning says:

I have been getting 17 to 20-mile range. I can get my Genesis up to 22 MPH with no problem. So you may want to get the battery replaced.

Paulabusa says:

got my china board. since i am new to skateboarding, the speed seems scary at the beginning. now i just want more and felt that my speed is too slow. on paper it says 28km/hr . in reality only getting 20km/hr….

CryptoCult says:

So, after all this time, do you still recommend the board?

James Yu says:

Ok, so I just ran into the same problem where I loosened the trucks too far and it fell apart on me. However, when I tried to put it back together, it looks like the bolt is smaller then the threaded part of the truck and won’t stay in. My question is, does the rear trucks (the side for the motored wheels) have a nut that is suppose to receive the bolt?

FaZe Draco says:

Does your board lights on top blink?

xSynatiiC says:

are you able to clean the wheels containing the motors? My wheels have dirt inside.

k2wice says:

I’m in WPB also we should go ride around sometime

Carlos Coronado says:

got mine yesterday, love this thing, im 6’4 240 this thing hauls ass. hella fast obviously im way bigger than most but still goes hella far, not 20 miles but obviously im 240 either love this thing

Tucker Crook says:

Does it come full charged?

xXidol says:

I weigh 185 and have gotten it to 23 mph on a perfectly flat surface. Only 18.6 on standard mode. You try pressing the power button 7 times to unlock the “faster” mode?

Elite PlayZ says:

It goes 22 mph press the power button 7 times

Fran A. Vega says:

im not trying to off but I built my own one (using a kit I bought online) and it can go 36mph! its scary fast and I ordered a massive battery so if I keep my speed just under 20mph I can go for 15 miles!

please stand by KAP says:

Are you still using this? If so how is it any issues?????

littlehell001 says:

any advice.. the genesis skateboard disconnects or powers off a couple of seconds after I start riding it.. I tried securing the battery, resetting it which bring the power on(fully charged) but the board still powers off seconds after I start riding it..

IanDaKorean says:

Should I get the Genesis Hellfire or Koowheel d3m

Aaron Fan says:

Hey man nice vid, one question though is there any lights present when you charge the remote? When i plug my remote in to charge there are no lights or indications so i cant tell if its charging.

Michael Deib says:

so listen, i am 13 years old, always looking for a way of transportation that is portable. but here is my question, is this board reliable, because i have the money, I can buy it, but I’m not going to buy something that is going to stall or not work with the breaking system, such as the koolwheel. somebody please tell me, because this board has really drawn my attention. I LIKED AND SUBSCRIBED>

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