FPV + ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD = HEAVEN!! $270 Teemo board review

Teemo Electric skateboard review. Electric boards have changed how I do this hobby. Nothing beats being free while flying and it becomes even better if you can skate there. We put this cheap board through it’s paces and find out if it is a great cheap option for an electric skateboard. First episode of uavfeatures where we showcase some of the other things that you FPV pilots might find interesting.

link to this particular board seen in this video – Teemo Electric skateboard – https://teemoboard.com/products/teemo-electric-skateboard-longboard

Goggles – Aomway commanders – http://bit.ly/aomwayFPV
Radio – Taranis QX7 – http://bit.ly/FrskyQX7
Props – cyclones 5046C – http://bit.ly/DALcyclone
Charger – SkyRC Q200 – http://bit.ly/Q200charger
Race gates and flags – http://bit.ly/PhaserFPVflags
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 – http://bit.ly/2xs712W

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Contact Maxwell W. for Custom intros (he made this one) Maxwelllwang@gmail.com

Mic used – http://bit.ly/2jAl3Ly
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Happy flying.



Micah Climie says:

Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity? I tried getting a hold of I for some time now

MC5 Limited Skills says:

I thought I blocked all Casey Neistat videos….

Will Roberts says:

That’s why Trev is so grumpy. He is a scooter kid!

David Farmer says:

I love the content! I have a GoPed and it takes me all over. I am a fat boy and am probably too heavy for a skate board so the GoPed GT 40 does it for my old fat ass.

George G Sarvay says:


g36pilot says:

Good choice for a 1st UAV Features episode. Looking forward to more. 3D printers please? Cheers!

garth odonnell says:

Oh, and a few million views

Micah Climie says:

Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity? Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity?

garth odonnell says:

You could liquid paper ya skid lid?

Jared Elliott says:

What in the world are those green ‘boards’ all around the trees?

Dobeyxxl says:

109 dollars for shipping, that killed the deal for me, its a 388 dollar board.

Micah Climie says:

I need help

MF-BOOM says:

So many out of shape people in community, should really promote pushing on a real board

Chris Croft says:

I would like a off-road version that can carry more weight and still low cost.

mohawksniper79 says:

Maybe you can zinc it up to you remind me for your quad

Alex Dalton says:

Stuuuu sk8ts !!!!!!!

ToddTube says:

Good Video, I would really like to see a video on 3d printers!

Madweaver says:

Please don’t do this. I have stayed with you because of fpv reviews. Don’t turn into something else. I think most people cone here for quad reviews. If I wanted a motorised skate board review then that’s the channel I would find.

Anuj Kapoor says:

Awesome. Keep it coming..

Nathan Lush says:

Lol I’m so glad he made this video I’ve just started last week riding my non electric skateboard to school

Parth Thakkar says:

Stew! This is fantastic, informative, and fun! Keep ’em coming!

garth odonnell says:

All ya need now are the liquid paper ray bans Stu

Christopher Quigley says:

I would love one of these. Unfortunately I’m a big not that fat 316lb guy. I’m also afraid I might look a little silly.

Micah Climie says:

Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity? Please

nathan gabriel says:

Complete and fine !

Micah Climie says:

Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity?

RandolFPV says:

When you said other “decks” you ride around it kinda sounded like you said something else! Also those stiffer “decks”.

WBBlocker says:

That’s pretty cool! Wouldn’t mind grabbing one of these. Maybe you explained it in the video but I didn’t quite follow-can you carry an extra battery pack and swap em when your run out of power?

Christopher Lombardi says:

Awesome. Loving UAVFeatures

nara says:

I really wish to have one of such board but it is totally illegal here ! (in germany) You must have a street legal and thats impossible. The regulations does not exist and technical approval is therefore not possible. You must have an insurance and a plate but also impossible without the street legal. And it is required to have a drivers licence (because faster than 6kmh) but again no regulations exists. So driving with it can cost a lot fine and loosing your normal drivers license for 2 years is also possible … No electric skateboard no hoverboard or other stuff like that! Only electric bicycle is possible meanwhile. I hate that concrete-head officials who prohibits all that fun.
btw: i like to see such reviews

TheMadmacs says:

i dare you to fpv it.

justin rayhanna says:

Can you do rc planes in this series’s

Micah Climie says:

Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity?

Micah Climie says:

Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity? Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity?

garth odonnell says:

There’s like 50 quads on that back wall……. droulllllll

Marty Scruggs says:

What are the green things around the trees??? Looks like little tombstones?

Micah Climie says:

Hi Can you please do a review on the quantum cyclops diversity?

tab dougherty says:

Well i think its a great idea 3d printing would be nice for sure! Thanks guys for the great content


Really? I am 230 and I skate, why wouldn’t I?

TMac says:

LIke the Features aspect of stuff related to FPV Flying (video editing, 3d printers, electric boards, etc.) in addition to normal UAVFutures stuff!

FutureFPV says:

Fly the bridge!!!!!!!

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