Exway vs Boosted Board: Exway x1 Electric Skateboard Review

Thanks again to ExwayUSA for sending over this board.

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RadioLOUD says:


Tony Lorenzo says:

Recognized that crossing in the opening shot from Luke Cage 😀

hillbilly Feen says:

I love that show

Dr. Marvel says:


Lennart Sam says:

I was there yesterday, nice video

Daniel Zhen says:

I think u will definitely like the evolve carbon GT better than all of your other electric skateboard. Please do a review on the evolve carbon GT .

Dylan F says:

I was the guy you caught up to, Preston. Nice meeting you, keep up the good reviews.

EN Puckering says:

I love your reviews, as usual~ 🙂
They’re almost as good as The Dennis Show!

My General Opinion:
I noticed that Boosted Boards are the *benchmark* of electric skateboards right now, but I hope in future we move away from it.
With technology going the way it is, they’re not necessarily comparable. It would be like comparing a Mellow Drive to a Boosted Stealth.. they serve different purposes.
Leaving conclusions based on pros/cons, and preferences, imo, is the best way to go. Great job guys~!

Paul Cahn says:

Great review. This was one of the clearest reviews I have seen (and I’ve watched a ton of them). I’ve seen the Backfire Ranger X1 and G2s in the background in few of your recent videos (hadn’t seen anything recent directly on those)… interested in a similar perspective you may have on one/either of those. (Trying to decide if should buy a G2s). That said, I must commend you Preston (and Dennis), your channel has become something I look forward to watching every time for your new videos! Keep up the good work!

00devils says:

?, so did exway fix the board that got run over or did they just send you a new 1?

U Do It says:

Im digging this video brother! 1/2way through it.

greatstf says:

Nice review! Its all about preference between these two boards. I chose the Exway and couldn’t be happier. Its really nice to be able to get on the throttle and coast without belt drag. Brakes really aren’t that bad and there is a mode that you can switch the wheels to spin back for better braking. Excited to see what they come up with next.

Christopher Hudson says:

Im early!

mushieslushie says:

There are very few places you can comfortable go 25 mph, especially with brakes that bad.

Newby Sub says:

You know… I’d be a lot more happier if you wore a helmet. Since you’ve already broken an arm and fallen down the stairs…

Zjrobertson says:

Regular everyday commuter wondering if you would get the exway over the wowgo 2s?

Matty Leadfoot says:

Good to see an e-skate review were the reviewer actually does a tuck. Most reviewers stand bolt upright,.
Nice!! Wish I could subscribe twice.

lonergtg says:

Nice comparison – definitely a lot of talk about the Exway lately. With a better battery it would be killer.

Mike Fede says:

Exway for sure!!

huzzler g says:

For sure the Exway! You can set in the exway app acceleration and breakes. Bcs of the design , it’s not possible to build in bigger battery’s for a bigger range :/

Carlos Puentes says:

More Dennis show pls and thx

MC Alvin Nellone says:

Hello! I am very pleased with your arsenal of electric skateboards.
You’ve reviewed almost every electric Skateboard, but one.
That would be the Inboard M1.

Christopher Flanagan says:

Wowgo 2s review?

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