Exway Board: The Most Intelligent Electric Skateboard (Smarter Than A Boosted Board)

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Today we take a look at what is know as most intelligent electric skateboard in the world, the Exway Board. This is a premium electric skateboard packed with premium features you don’t see in the budget eskates, or even higher end boards like boosted or evolve. Although similar looking, this is not to be confused with the Stary Board. What are your thoughts on this board?

MERCH HOLIDAY SALE: https://teespring.com/stores/ronnie-sarmiento?pr=holiday

EXWAY BOARD: https://www.exwayboard.com/

Danny Kim (@DCFOODGANG): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3R57cNcy6hmpb-H4huxg6A/videos


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Twitter: @Supronnie
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I’m happy you’re stoked on what I’m doing! You can support by purchasing merch designed by me! https://goo.gl/rhsb6B

►What is your longboard setup?
Anonymous Feather:http://anonymouslongboards.com/
Paris 180mm trucks: http://amzn.to/2sbdrjX
Reds Bearings: http://amzn.to/2qywVxO
Arbor Mosh Wheels: http://amzn.to/2qzvE9J

►What do you use to make your YouTube videos?
Panasonic G7: http://amzn.to/2ylTUm8
Pixco 8mm fisheye: http://amzn.to/2xDjM9i
Joby Gorillapod: http://amzn.to/2yjcGc8
Rode Micro: http://amzn.to/2xEQKeA
DJI Phantom 3: http://amzn.to/2ym12i4

►Is there a way I can contact you via email?
You can reach me at iamronniesarmiento@gmail.com

►You work with a lot of companies. Got any discounts for us?
10% OFF YOUR ACTON ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD: http://actonglobal.refr.cc/ronnies

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Music by G-WIZ: https://soundcloud.com/gwizdb
and Jn0z: https://www.instagram.com/jn0z/

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John Hood says:

LMAO Thumb up for Chris

Nathaniel Belles says:

How did you manage to get your hands on one of these boards?? I tried to order one on their website but when you go to shop it requires you to sign up but the “get code” button doesn’t work…. thoughts?

JeepTravels says:

Can you slide on that? I’m assuming that it’s possible but have you tried it?

Carlos Ortigoza Dempster says:

Have you have any problems with the wheels falling apart? (As described by FabTRAV in his YouTube channel). Basically (according to him), they start to break after a few kilometers due to the sharp edges of the wheels. Thanks a lot for your reply

Anti Petrolhead says:

Do the math…When Ronnie unlocked the fast speed he had to do 6 miles as a requirement. The Exway X1 is rated at 10 miles average speed (not max). So the remote was correct on the percentage of the battery. He only had a 4 miles average speed left to go when he hit it with an uphill haul. Yeah…the remote’s battery monitor was correct. My guess is one block of uphilling could possibly drain 1 mile of battery range. love this board. It’s the only one that’s stealthy and can handle a lot more water than any other board out there.

Joel Teo says:

I like both…

JK's man cave says:

Great video. I also have a prototype of Exway and love it so far. (One of my friend is a co-founder of Exway so I got the prototype board for the test). Love the way it carves and especially it’s lightweight with the dual motor set up. Oh wait, it also has “cruise control” mode for endless dance move. (Which I have suggested when they were developing it. lol)

Big Kids says:

Really like the screen in screen view when you did the speed test 🙂 Dude, what’s up with Videometer and the blinking after you export the vid…it annoys my OCD. Anyhow, this was an awesome video to see your longboard skills on an esk8! Nice, hair cut btw. Let’s talk soon, yeah?

– Neil

Electric Wave TV says:

Dope! Looks like a fun board to ride. Have you tried Evolve’s double kingpin trucks? Next level carving

Mr Mainman says:

Hey Ronnie can u suggest which skate board should I get under 700$ with 10 mile range or higher. And 10 mph or higher

MC Alvin Nellone says:

Parang bakla ang barberrr mo, lmao

Borjok Films says:

Ronnie You should get the meepo v1.5 and compare it to the wowgo 2! Because my friend is getting the wowgo 2… And I’m getting the Meepo v1.5!! And I want to see which is better before buying it.

Miles Lane says:

Wait how much does this cost because the website says 6888 yen which is only $61 which doesn’t sound right

eddie martinez says:

all mere toys against the raptor 2 . by enertion.

Calvin Ng says:

what makes a carvey board?

Anish says:

Hey Ronnie! Would you sell this board to me? I’ve been really interested into the Exway Board for quite a while but it seems kinda pricey. I had a boosted board before but sadly someone robbed me recently and took a lot of my stuff including my board. Ever since then I’ve been saving up for another board and the Exway seems like a really nice one.

Bess_E says:

How much does it cost

Adam S says:

Great vid man and good review, thanks for sharing!

Crash N Burn Racing says:

The reason the voltages were wonky is because of voltage sag form the increased amp draw of the hill. Pretty much any battery will do this.

Nathan Chung says:

can you do an exway vs. backfire 2 test?

Drone photography says:

Hi so I saw this board and I was like DANG THATS GOOD so I looked at the price and it’s $888 which will take me about 2 years to afford because I’m only 13 but it a electric skateboard so it’s worth it so I started saving up and I’ve gotten $76 currently. And I checked the site for any updates then i remembered that I’m in Australia and the prices are a lot different compared to eg US so I contacted them and they said it’s in USD so that’s about $1300 in AU so I can’t get that one which made me really sad but there is still the backfire electric skateboard but it’s also in USD. SO the reason I’m saying all this is if you know of a cheap under $800 electric skateboards that can do some of the things that the exway can do or just a board with a high top speed and or built in components because my school won’t let me put it in the office or so somewhere secure so if it looks sort of normal that would be good (doesn’t have to though) highest priority is speed and if it has a app
Thank you

Sicarious says:

between this and the blinks2/koowheel which would you say you’d recommend?

saporousLIFE says:

dude that bowl of pho is giant!

Command Genius says:

How much is it, the website is in Chinese

Jonathan Vaucher says:

Accuracy is good. The 20% was just a temporary voltage-based, non-real capacity based reading due to increased voltage sag since the load was really high going up that hill.

wadaltagi ود التقي says:

Thanks u for being u

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