Evolve Skateboards All-Terrain Carbon Series Electric Skateboard Review | DansTube.TV

The road less travelled is your new destination! Evolve’s Carbon Series All-Terrain extends your carve-session to paths, trails and roads unknown. Uncertain road conditions — that’s where the A/T lives. The team at Evolve Skateboards have created a powerful electric skateboard with the ability to tackle a variety of terrains and obstacles.

More Info (All-Terrain Skateboard): http://bit.ly/1S7kap6

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It’s awsome it can change its road any time I wish I could have one

Kody Pendleton says:

If you guys like electric skateboards (I know I do) go check out +Boston VLOGS ! This guy spends a lot of his video cruising around on his Evolve Bamboo electric board. And if you’re a sucker for watching these boards cruise through beautiful towns and landscapes, you’re gonna fall in love with this guys content. Check it out! http://youtube.com/c/bostonvlogs #electricskateboardgiveaway

Steve on the interwebs says:

Great video maaate!

I know you're right, but says:

so, downhill, just degenerative braking, will charge the battery a bit, also, will be slow and in control?
The place I was thinking of riding this daily has a uphill while going to the destination and downhill towards my home.

SB Gagamba says:

I just put OJ Hot Juice 60mm wheel and im a all terrain dude

Ricky Spanish says:

lame, try going downhill

Jonathon Laphos says:

Love it dan!

Jessica Burns says:

Looks super fun. I’ve never skateboarded before so I’d probably fall over. I’d be that girl squeezing that remote out of fear, consequently speeding up and losing it. Haha. Taylor does a pretty awesome job maneuvering the board. He makes it look so easy…

Make money with your Longboard says:

Getting Paid To Ride.

ThePapadumGeek says:

awesome product ma, great review

Review Fools says:

as cool as new tech gear is, an electric skateboard is just lazy LOL… LOVE your video though! but as a roller blader, it’d be like installing rocket packs on the sides of my skates and going for a whirl LOL pointless….

Charlie's Adventures says:

I just recently purchase this board, if you want NYC cruising videos go on my channel and SUBSCRIBE!!!

Lil Ladiboi From Bangkok says:

Future is here

Skate Evolution says:

Very cool dude !
Check out my channel !

Florian Fietz says:

Great video! But one question: Because only one wheel is powered, do you feel a difference when leaning to the left or to the right while moving forward? Does the back wheel sometimes lift from the ground and loses contact?

private static void; says:

Awesome board, use it for daily commuting in London, http://www.youtu.be/I1jxTyi85zA

Spencer Han says:

This board has a 20 plus mile range. Best in the market. Boosted only has 7 mile range.

pierrafeu extreme says:

super vidéo

OzzieTech says:

Looks amazing mate wish i could stay on it lol

J Jones says:

Looks like fun, but please point the camera away from your face.

Robert Ostman says:

hey well the price is a tad steep… and I wonder if a scooter with big wheels is actually better specially for going all terrain… I wonder… if you end up with no battery… is there a way to switch to a new one or plug in an extension battery??… if so what could be the price of such thing??

Kalokaghatia Antony says:

Hi, I am 195 cm and 90 kg. I am choosing between this evolve you ride in video and new version evolve GT bamboo, which is shorter 96 cm only, but stronger. What would you recommend me to buy?

aimonb8 says:

The future is now. Quality review boys, would love one of these!

chlp chlp says:

Its a me tony defekto:P

Joe Chill says:

SKATEBOARD LOOKS SWEET. this youtuber does not look cool riding it

Spencer Han says:

Love this board! Check out my Evolve All Terrain vids in Maui Hawaii.

Michael Bradley says:

Board sounds amazing! A bit pricey for me but would love to check it out 🙂 great video man 🙂

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