Evolve Bamboo GTX! | High Powered Electric Skateboard

One of the fastest, most powerful boards on the market right now… this thing is impressive as hell!

More info and where to buy – http://amzn.to/2CnbIfm

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Bamboo GTX Series

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Main Camera – http://amzn.to/2ilUhak
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Kim Rene Mossige says:

Tempted to buy the GTX board. Been a customer since the very first Gen1.. I must say I do like the controller of Gen2. I can understand why others may not like it, but I do like the shorter curve range.. But then again, I’m a power user.

Arie Halali says:

?Hay i will be in Miami in may , where i can finde a store for Electric Skateboard in Miami

ßaron says:

Nice board but they really have no idea of what the GT name actually means. XD

Andrei the Llama says:

Wow that board is mildly terrifying

lil los says:

I have a bamboo gt…What tracking app do you use?

Alastair Drong says:

Me and my scarred palms promise you that 26mph city is way too fukkin’ fast.

Luke Kwan says:

Talon, would you say this is better than a boosted?

DepressedSydePhil says:

I’ve been riding a OneWheel for a while now and love it. Would I like one of these boards? I don’t skate, but snowboard.

Dallas Keenes says:

Hello Evolve. This is my fav video as it was the one that convinced me to abuse my credit card and hide it from my girl to guy a Bamboo GT 🙂 #evolveskateboards

PhilSiri says:

How did you like this board compared to the boosted board V2 dual +? Can you comment on acceleration/deceleration in comparison and how the wheels compare?

Mario Malloc says:

Best GT review on youtube. Thanks mate!

Daniel Filippus says:

Hey I love the old remote. I want nothing else!

Brian Goncalves says:

Do you prefer this to your boosted board Talon??

Stöckli TV says:

2000.- lol go DIY

Joe T says:

Do the halo 2 board review!

Ezduztube says:

I had the Bamboo Gt and was riding it in a smooth parking lot. I was hitting about 18 mph. My remote was losing connection with the board. I hit the trigger back to stop and board was still going. I guess the board got a delayed stop response. I flew off the board because the board stopped. Landed hard on the ground and broke my elbow. The remote was a bad design and I think it a 2.4 Ghz. I sold the board and never road a eboard again.

alex kirk says:

if only there was an e board based of a loaded unicorn deck. or a small one based of a earthwing miniglider deck for a mini option, god i love that deck.

Tyler Mit says:

what app did you use to get the stats?

Stjepko Šarinić says:

Just orderd one tnx for the review it helped me out with the decision

alexandre dubois says:

Hello ! Thanks for this cool review. Here in Switzerland we have quite steep hills so I was wondering how powerful are the brakes in such case (downhill) ? I’m 75kg, can the board still brake enough ? Thanks a lot. Alexandre

Talon Sei says:

Hey everyone, since this video my controller died and was replaced by evolve. The new controller worked great for a few weeks however now it is having a connection issue that seems to be very common. Even when connected the motors will only move a fraction of an inch and the board is bricked. I will keep you all posted if this gets resolved.

knifesketch101 says:

Great video! I’m thinking about buying this board. Have you had any connection problems with the remote? Any other issues with the board? Thanks

Rip Miller says:

Just got mine today!

Thegreenarrow39 CW says:

if you had Shark Wheels you could go faster

RunGunsEatTacos says:

That looks terrifying! Haha!

siggi j says:

Good video

Juve Therapy says:

Great video! the best review of an electric skateboard Ive seen. Thank you for this!

justforthetv says:

Way too big

Demetrius Anderson says:

Demetrius: you have a very good vocabulary.

Enter the future 2025 says:

That ‘s not top of the line any more because they have a skate board that go 55 MP =)

careca says:

3Kw in motors, but the batteries can only provide about 400w. 36v x 10Ah = 360w LOL

Lukas T says:

like a premium boosted board.

Alex Hrusa says:

Wouldnt be flauntn the controller if i was Black, cops will kill you quick. So old whitey will get the wrong idea. Haha

yamaha rider says:

Yeah… soon as I heard it was belt driven it was a no from me. Belt driven skateboards to me are noisy, wear out much quicker As they stretch over time. Also, it only takes a bit of debris to catch the belt and rip it a new one. Personally, Brushless hub all the way. the only down side to these is not getting them wet but as you pointed out who goes skating on a rainy day?

Black Phillip says:

You forgot the best part > All terrain wheels ! It’s the best thing ever with AT wheels. I feel way safer on this board with At wheels

Five50 Drone Solutions says:

Can’t find the one with black motors, only gold. Different board?

Josh Munguia says:

Hey Talon im looking for an afforadble E- BOARD to ride around the city. I was wondering if you had any suggestions in terms of speed, compact size, and most importantly affordability.

Huy Nguyen says:

no such item on amazon

James S says:

30% Discount and I’ll buy it.

Ej Walker says:

Nice Vans 🙂

Garrett Pummill says:

What is that app called

Jonas Servranckx says:

i really like this board but the price is way to much. for that price you buy a small motorcycle or scooter.

Milad Qalandari says:

How do you have all this money. I want a grain, but I do not have the money

Rmann009 says:

It’s even more than a boosted tho…

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