Evolve Bamboo GT Series Electric Skateboard (REVIEW)

The Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street (REVIEW) video is based on the duration of this electric skateboard.

My goal really was to drain the battery of the evolve bamboo gt series electric skateboard. Knowing that the weather and my body weight would impact the speed and the duration of the board. But I thought wrong since the Evolve electric skateboard manage to complete the whole ride. Surprisingly, the Evolve electric skateboard left me with enough juice to go around twice (Uptown Manhattan). According to the app “RunKeeper” the Evolve electric skateboard lasted about 1hour (if I round it) for about 6.5 miles, Keep in mind the board was doing just fine in battery percentage till I change it to Fast mode then GT mode. If you only focus on cruising then the board would give you way more hours and miles. Hope this video was helpful, for any curious buyers!

Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street (more range reviews to come)

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Evolve Electric Skateboard Bamboo GT series unboxing:

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Charlie's Adventures says:

Hey guys, hope you enjoy the video. Please subscribe, to my channel and I hope you have a great day!

Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBP_L0tJoic

Time-Lapse says:

Great video !!!

Minecrafft says:

Now I really thinking about buying 1

Jdot Bdots says:

Nice shirt!

SmokinChallenger says:

Nice video!! How much do you weigh?

redmonds says:

you speak English, your in a city called Manhattan , but in the beginning of your boring 9 minute video, you cant actually say ” Man-hatt-an ”  ! ? WTF ?at 3:40 and again at 6:56 you try to say the place you are in… and fail again !is it so hard to speak English ?is it a regional dialect thing ?Thanks for showing me around Manhattan Island, from the Cycle shore path.

Taylor Lindsey says:

How did you get to try out the GT? Thought they ship out end of April.

MrTimziito says:

How big are you my friend? i am 260pounds, looking to buy it? Does it “Flex much”?

Jose Perez says:

Damn bro I didn’t know the board can go that far!!!

GivesAMinute says:

Rode my Evolve GT Bamboo down to Como yesterday: https://youtu.be/kS9Do7gLhE8

Leslie W says:

I was able to get 14 miles with 18% battery left. I took it all over uptown bx handled it no problem. I have the abec 11 97mm flywheels on mine.

Yechiel Chli says:

Hey great video ! Btw is there grip tape on this board tho?

Alan Chau says:

Nice video man! I love watching e-Boards videos. The pavement on NY is really bad zi strongly suggest to buy a set of 97mm 75A abec 11 flywheels to dampen the vibrations. Try the board in GT is amazing and all I use now, can’t go back to ECO or fast anymore

B.Unique says:

Good Vid Bro Headed to The west side Highway now with my Bamboo Gt Wanna Link Up

DanielBuerge says:

it’s surprisingly good the battery. of course, GT mode will drain it hardcore, even compared to fast mode, but therefore it’s super fun!

For riding around in the city, i tend to stick to fast mode. It’s a good in between range/battery life but still juicy enough to overtake cars. What are your experiences with this and how long have you had your board again?

Gary Pikovsky says:

What was the temp when you were riding?

Bianca Luciano says:

Wow, uptown manhattan is so nice!

Alioune Seck says:

Your editing up there. Made it very entertaining!

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