Electric skateboards: The future of rideables – Top Shelf

Electric rideables are the new craze. So join The Verge’s resident skateboarder Sam Sheffer for a tour of the landscape.

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Brett Lorenzo says:

the new craze ? keep it real i say! who’s with me?

Eden ZHu says:

where can i get this lol

Ashwin Chapagain says:

Did anyone watch the vlog where the lief guy was in Casey’s vid

Tripp Diamond says:

how much is the leaf I want one

LaKe Lightroom Tutorials says:

06:08 / Popular in Germany? I never saw one of those here 😀

Andrew Cook says:

Well, this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen this week.

TheGamer says:


frostxr says:

If only these things weren’t so expensive.

Jonathan Brown says:

Just buy a longboard.

Hasan Al-habbobi says:

Anyone know the name of the music at 4:19?

B B says:

The new Acton Blink Boards are going to be AMAZING! (and also relatively cheap.) Just look at it: https://igg.me/at/ACTONBLINK/x/15587573

Andrew Gordon says:

You’ll break your pelvis with the solo wheel

Finley Jenkins says:

Rather add elect track guy expense.

Connor Steck says:

Hey guys @bostonvlogs is one of the best if not the best channel to get information on electric skateboards. This guy is just so chill and you can tell he loves what he does and knows exactly what he is talking about . Definitely go subscribe to his channel and be amazed on what a great guy and informer he is. #evolvebamboogiveaway

Amin Akhmadi says:

7:48 where you bought these shoes?

hilonate says:

Hey guys, check out +bostonvlogs he does great videos on electric longboarding and has a true passion for it. Make sure you subscribe to him and check out his channel for all kinds of cool stuff #electricskateboardcompetition

Bronk says:

Should I get a Magneto Or The Stary??? Please tell me! I need to know.

X D says:

Casey niestat is all you think when you see electric skateboards 😀

Imerence says:

I could make a better one by myself for less.

Vincent Bittner says:

6:07 I am from germany and I have never seen anyone in europe use a solowheel.

myfunwheel_biz says:

I love the electric unicycles, best transportation ever!!

Goody Cat says:

I found a longboard for 470
40 km 3000 watt
Carbon bamboo mix

Felix De Lille says:

Also check out this new e-skateboard on indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/ACTONBLINK/x/4115868
They have 3 types from 369$ to 1120$.
The cheapest has top speed 15 mph / 7miles range. Top model has 4-wheel-drive 23mph / 22miles range. In-wheel hub motors which don’t slow down the board when pushing manually.

David Villa says:

I have an idea.

James Havenhand says:

Check out the electric skateboard on my channel

Aaron Schwarz says:

Nice review, the boosted board looks fresh ^^

Sergi Pinkman says:

That’s a #WONDERFUL idea if you ALSO practice exercise during the day! At least 1h!

actl786 says:

Acton Blink is the best all around electric hub motor skateboard based on quality, price & choice of 4 flavors. https://igg.me/at/ACTONBLINK/x/15574007

LordUkkepulk says:

You should get an Acton board. They just expanded their campaign, so there is still 22 days left to buy one!!

Link: https://igg.me/at/ACTONBLINK/x/15575673

Rebellious Of Manifestation says:

Honestly this looks cool, and all. But is this affordable to the mass consumers on the market. I think not, i’m sticking with a regular skateboard because its inexpensive.

Christopher Diethrich says:

The strange thing is it says hoverBOARD on the mattel hover scooter thing.

Lily Barbier says:

Gate concept consumer once random priest moral.

Christo Slowrider says:

Humans extinction will happen, not be because of nuclear weapons but of obesity.

Sheher Jalandhar says:

nice video. enjoyed it

FallenArtemie says:

Misleading title?

Joe Kyser says:

awesome video!

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