Electric Skateboard Review – Pomelo P5

Buy Pomelo P5 Electric Skateboard: https://goo.gl/VfsLGm
Discount Code: PomP5
The Pomelo P5 Electric Skateboard has many high end features of a Boosted Board at less than half the cost! Before you buy a Boosted Board, you should check out the Pomelo! We go through all the board’s features and test it’s battery performance and top speed!



What a great review Tate puts out you should be very proud of him he’s got it down. Thanks

Big drone flyer77 says:

What up Tate and Kelly, very cool lil buddy. Its a big like from me. I would ride it, super cool. Wish I had one for my son, he would love it. Cheers guys and lets have an awesome Year!!!

Sean Ozz says:

I’ve been talking to a couple companies trying to get a couple for reviews. You’d think me living where I do and snowboarding everyday it would be easier to have a couple companies in on that. Ha ha

Looks fun.

2dthoughts says:

I liked the removable battery
But doesn’t seem useful if you have to unscrew it

Billy Kyle says:


Alan Savage says:

What awesome skateboard. Excellent review Tate & Kelly!!

lil Savage says:

21 21st very view

roger martin says:

Neat video nice review and demo well done .


Excellent review thank you much

telephony says:

Looks like a very sweet board; I can’t afford it however so I’ll just enjoy it vicariously by watching this video more than once. 🙂

James Broderick says:

Hay. I just started doing scary story readings. Any chance you guys could help me with pointers and tips on how I am doing? I would really appreciate it regardless of weather it is positive or negative feedback.

R.C.A tech says:

pls can you give me a drone even if it not a dji i will be very grate full

Gaston G. Loperena says:

Happy New Year 2018 from Argentina! Cheers to Kelly!

Sam Jeon says:


Crown Wheel says:

58KM/H,36MPH,2018 NEW!!! World’s Most Powerful Crownwheel C5 Dual Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Most-Powerful-fast-carbon-fiber-C5_60717940594.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.11.5176c85Lb47bm

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