Electric Skateboard for $200 – Full Review

Electric Skateboard specs and to buy: https://goo.gl/7Pm573
The HIWHEEL electric skateboard is heavy duty and really fun to ride. It holds up to 260 pounds, so both my son and I can ride it. We test it’s top speed, how long it takes to ride one mile, and how it handles hills. For the price, this electric skateboard performs very well!



Very good job on your review I like how you work in the safety concerns

Big drone flyer77 says:

Nice board

Alan Savage says:

Excellent review Tate & Kelly!!

GamerJanith Productions says:

WoW Nice !

Crown Wheel says:

Hands Free!! No Remote!! NEW Crownwheel Self Balancing X1 Electric Skateboard:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=126&v=jw4avHxZV3s

Minato Namikaze says:

Sorry Sir because it about my mavic… Yesterday it my first day after 3 week of trvling… And evening i try to fly my mavic but it can’t fly even i have full throttle on up stick… I think it because it near airport… It about 2km from my home… But just now i try it in playground… It still not work… I push full throttle on up… But it won’t rise… Plz help me Sir… What should I do?…. I from Malaysia…

Noah Durrenberger says:

Haha, little Kelly

NeverStopLearning says:


Anti Petrolhead says:

So I can see there is an issue. Check your specs for the wattage of the motors (each wheel). If your rating is in the 200 watts rating, your not gonna get 15 -25 mph on this board. I think its cool for the young man but I would think daddy would be ready for something a little more grown up. I don’t believe in $1,000 boards so lets skip that. On Amazon is some very nice boards. I recommend the Genesis Tomahawk which is faster but more than $200. If you want to keep it at $200. Look at the Wowgo or the Meepo, and the E-Go 2 by Yuneec. These are very good boards for the money. Thank you for wearing helmets and gloves. We all need to set a good example for the rest of the world who don’t get it.

barry huizing says:

Great job young man!

Drones and Electric Unicycles says:

Love it, but Kelly you kinda knew that 😉 Only thing I don’t like about electric skateboard is the remote. The Electric Unicycles we are riding, only the weight displacement is needed to make it move.

Dronography-Aerial Meditation says:

Looks fun.

Mathew Cope says:

Board looks great but isnt it a bit slow

Boosted Billy says:

Nice I I have a boosted board I also have a YouTube channel and all of it is on the Boosted board It is called Boosted Billy is my channel

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