ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD for $199!? | Razor X in Depth REVIEW

In today’s video, I review the AWESOME $199 Electric skateboard, THE RAZOR X!

is it worth it? find out NOW

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Danielfallz Rothman says:

Your board sounds like a screaming pig.

Mixtape Islife says:

I need an razor x controller but i can’t find one

Abdul Q. says:

Yup. And very well clearly put out thoughts. Thanks.

Elite says:

that editing bit tho at 30 seconds XD nice one

Sgt BulletHead says:

Enjoy your sub 🙂

JESY says:

I actually got mine from amazon for 140

Chandeth Thong says:

Where did you buy it from

Teagan Butler says:

Thinking about putting the motor and trucks on a penny do you think it’ll fit?

Heikki T says:

That desert in the background just distracted me soo much! XD good vid m8!

lunch box gaming says:

I’m thinking about getting this so this was a very good video 4 meh

captsynHD says:

This thing is a joke

Focus says:

Picked it up for 99£

ANOYMOUSE :/ says:

What is the top speed of this?

ShockMouths says:

That cinematography is fucken mint

Joshua Middleton says:

The 8 hour charge is necessary for the health of the battery. If they sold this with a full charge the battery would not last long because storing a lithium battery at full charge ruins the battery quickly. There isn’t really away around that with current battery technology.

Xtian Fpv says:

I subscribed

SteveK says:

That moment you’re watching a review to find a board and realise the person doing the review lives in Campbelltown with you. Hi!

DeProOfGod says:

Bro where you bought from?

ShockMouths says:

Notification squad

Royal King says:

I subbed brother. Thanks for the review, I’ll be buying one for my child next week.

Abdul Q. says:

Twice the price? You can. Look at ownboard, wowgo, meepo. There are many.

cristian9955ify says:

I payed $80 the last week that toysrus was open

CupcakesPINK says:

Check out meepo boars, I weigh about the same and the motor is way better and quicker

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