Electric Skateboard Buyers Guide 2018. Comparing all my Electric skateboards.

Whats shaking homies so today I got a video comparing all of my electric skateboards. This is my answer to the question what is the best electric skateboard? So this is kind of my electric skateboard buyers guide 2018 or my electric skateboard vs or shootout or whatever you wanna call it. So in this video I go through all my electric skateboards and just say the pros and cons of each and breakdown which ones are worth the price. I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

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TRIPOD – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00…
ACTION CAMERA – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01…
SOFTWARE – https://www.amazon.com/VEGAS-Creative…

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GSHeverything _27 says:

No yeeplay????

KCBlazeIt 23 says:

What’s the highest speed you’ve reached on the wowgo? Do u recommend it over the teemo and meepo?

2ndLastJedi says:

Love and care for those remotes , lol
No Evolve for you ?
I have a GTX AT ( one month now) and am a bit scared that my battery may not last from lots of reports on the net ! What are your thoughts on Evolve GTX batteries ?

Tube77 says:

Nice video

jirka merunka says:

I don’t know, I am not tech guy but the remote connection is the most important thing ever and no company should start selling a board that has but a 100% stable connection… I think there should be 2 seperate bluetooth channels that act as one… If one disconnects the other one will keep working… Or something should be done so it is double assured a disconnection never happens…

Awesome agar.io players says:


Jake Hay says:


Nick Kennedy says:

Let me get one of those lol

Erin Cason says:

Love the vid man

Flowgaming 123 says:

Second Notification squad

Awesome agar.io players says:

You are the best youtuber ever. I have been watching for about a year now. I started with yoyos then got into balisongs now these. Thank you so much

Leon de Blaauw says:

I can say iT easy BUILD YOUR OWN iTS cheaper and way better also you can make iT how you like it

Anthony Steele says:

koowheel is all you need

Manuel Brod says:

He said electric skateboard 5 times in the first 17 seconds lol

Timothy Thayer says:

You said ask questions so I got a couple. Have you had to deal with any of the manufacturers in a customer service aspect? Which ones support their product the best?

Singularity says:

Very helpful video!

SinkOrSwim says:

Wowgo 2S or the koowheel 2???

BitCanics says:

Your honest reviews are hard to come by. Thank u

Seejay Lebroke says:

Savage! Hahahahah

john smith says:

So you are lucky guy to get so many & try them out, enjoy

Sem says:

Can you review the RiDD long glider?

Austin O'Mara says:

You deserve more subs

katchupoy01 says:

Dylan. You nailed the review. Love it. Boom, no bull no nonsense. Keep the videos coming. Sub.

john smith says:

How can you compare Meepo v1 (1yrar old model ) to wowgo2S, you should get all new versions… then make a true comparable test

Erin Cason says:


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