E‑GO Electric Skateboard Review

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Products in this video:
Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard – http://amzn.to/1YBpOBm


B Ellison says:

I rather spend the extra 300$ and get a boosted board just because there reliable

MAJINBUU23 says:

i guess there are no built guys in here with some weight on them, i havent ran across one one question asking what the weight support is, must be for skinny tiny guys weighing about 120-150

BellasSecondChannel says:

he sounds like popularmmos. lol

RaptorM82 says:

6:28 I’m done.

Alex Tomas says:

Too slow for me

Brandon Hicks says:

dont buy it. it will stop working in 6 months top

Toby Mason says:

so this is a bulky ugly boosted that goes alot slower

Pancho Thiessen says:

how much money is it

LANJ says:

Casey has Boosted Board

Gusy 2001 says:

This is really cool

Nick says:

which one should i get: the magneto,E-GO or LECDEC?

Patrik Hrzenjak says:

is this ting a waterproof? 😀

thewatcher says:

Does anyone has a way of protecting the nose of the board(yuneec)? I’m looking for a nose guard because the front is chipping

Javi's Boom Tech says:

Thanks for the tip on SproutUp! Never heard of it before. Nice review

Slay3rRock3r86 says:

I was hooked until he mentioned the price…

iZilly says:

Honestly I think it is making a joke of youtubers if they have to send back the board, you spend your time filming, editing and sharing the video, giving the company free advertisement which they otherwise would have to pay quite a bit for. I have made unboxings and reviews of different things like segboard and a little electric skateboard and I got to keep the things after… and having the amount of subscribers you have, you should at least get the board for free + payment for making the video..

Yehuda Mayer says:

listen i am a youtuber and i really want to get one but i don’t have enough money can you please help me out I’m dreaming about having one to review it so can you please help me out

Preston Bolling says:

Casey neistat rides the best electric skateboard in the market its called a boosted board not some Chinese piece of crap


Wht part of PA do u live in!

Mahir Fredericks says:

weight on your back leg is not good for a long board, it encourages speed wobbles

BP Productions says:

Dude No offence but the shape cant be a con because its a drop shaped longboard

Aaron Kim says:

bro Casey Neistat is sponsered by boosted boards not these…

Dan Basler says:

Don’t buy Chines Junk you will cry.

BellasSecondChannel says:

he sounds like popularmmos. lol

tim kelly says:

um natisak used the boosted board bot this

Yehuda Mayer says:

can any one

Hoovie The Great says:


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