Koowheel it’s the cheapest electric Skateboard on the Market. You can get it for around $600. In today’s Vlog i’m testing it to it’s limits!

►►► What i use:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Huawei P9:


►►► Cameras:
Canon 80D:
Canon Legria:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Wide Angle:
Sigma 1.4:
Video Mic:


Gustavo Ramos says:

the cheapest board cost $300


nice travel “blog” so far. your goal should be, to upload everyday day a new video (even when its short and boring). so you can keep your viewers on the hook. you can do that, i belive in you. enjoy your trip.

Sy Brook says:

it is not the cheapest look the acton blink

Daniel Vega says:

Flat spots!

Fiona yu says:

Hello Fabian,Just saw your newest video about our E-skateboard. The signal-loss problem exist in the prototype produced in Oct.We heard the feedback about this from our customers in the end of Oct.After the research,the main reason is the signal wire in the motherboard which interfered the signal.Now it was solved that we had changed the position of signal wire. The problem of software remote control have been repaired. Now the e-skateboard operate good. If you have any problem about the goods, please feel free to contact with us. Welcome to order.

Anthony Steele says:

mine never cuts out

HeyItsAsmus says:

All these issues are fixed. I have the new version. They upgraded the remote, the PCB board, and moved the antenna to the top of the board under the grip tape which fixes the signal loss

The Undead Gaucho says:

Cool vids Fabi! Keep up the awesome work.

Time Lapse King says:

It’s not the cheapest but it’s definitely worth its price

Aploxity Uprising says:

Love this lol

Photogangie says:

There are electric boards that go for $300 so this is not the cheapest option. Do some research on what it’s available on the market before making a video claiming something that is false.

Leem Benson says:

fuck you

Thomas_evolve says:

can anyone tell me how fast is that thing?

SaadN01 says:

So how far were you able to go till the battery ran out of juice? And is it true that the koowheels max speed gets slower when you have less then 50% left?

GGS ZEUS says:

Actually the genesis tomahawk is 450$ and goes 22.8mph

Clipper Parker-Shand says:

Can you ride the board like a normal skateboard if you loose connection or the battery dies?

Marcel Paliuga says:


Pavel Dobrydin says:

well and how should we figure out how far you’ve gone? through the sun’s position? Riding time does not give any information on the distance if you don’t know the speed. And also seems like no one of you youtube geniuses mentions how heavy you are to get a reference point.

SmartOrder says:

They say they have fix it now, and I just got this board too. Actually quite good for this price

MotaShotta says:

Video starts at 1:45

Photogangie says:

There are electric boards that go for $300 so this is not the cheapest option. Do some research on what it’s available on the market before making a video claiming something that is false. The cheapest board I have found is $300 swagtron and they have some even as low as $200.

Alex Conti says:

You look like a chubby Tai Lopez

George Poulos says:

Hell yeah nice one Fabian!

Arcanecord says:

how heavy are u

Fabtrav Hater says:

elektro boards send scheisse

Rohan Sharma says:

swagboard is cheaper

5Breads says:

Han ich bim giveaway gwunne?

Vincent Magdasal says:

is it available here
in asia?

Edison Dunphy says:

worlds cheapest board not in the list?….
I found the cheapest board at GearLab
Black Friday discount on sale

brrnay says:

back noseblunt was insane!

Mulalo Mulalo says:

how much is the e-board in South Africa and great video ✌

TheCoviz says:

The best One

School Shooter says:

Cuz my board was 500 and there’s some shit things in America for 100

Anthony Steele says:

If anyone is wondering it does have regenerative breaking

FabTRAV says:

I’m gonna run the Huawei Contest till december!

Jorge Hernandez says:

Wow I love your vids man! it’s so cool that you are traveling the world!

marvin is a robot says:

my singapore made arcboard can go 18 km no problem at all and it is cheaper than your so called cheapest board

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