CHEAPEST Electric Skateboard REVIEW


Koowheel Review


►►► What i use:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Huawei P9:


►►► Cameras:
Canon 80D:
Canon Legria:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Wide Angle:
Sigma 1.4:
Video Mic:


Kevin Medina says:

Where do you get that skateboard

SaadN01 says:

So how far were you able to go till the battery ran out of juice? And is it true that the koowheels max speed gets slower when you have less then 50% left?

Sallmon sal says:

than it isn’t the cheapest than …..

jdog8931 says:

Is it better than a boosted board?

Protecting Soup says:

It’s $600…. not the cheapest for sure

H Factor says:

Leaf broad is cheaper

Deanz Sony says:

how much the prize

Product Prodigy says:

Ok 25 mph is fast for a skateboard. Why is he sayin thats slow

vegaswithfreddy says:

ah great video, i’m looking to purchase a cheap one and i live in vegas lol.

Luka Zli Gad says:

so how long did battery last?

Felix De Lille says:

Also check out this new e-skateboard on indiegogo:
They have 3 types from 369$ to 1120$.
The cheapest has top speed 15 mph / 7miles range. Top model has 4-wheel-drive 23mph / 22miles range. In-wheel hub motors which don’t slow down the board when pushing manually.

Photogangie says:

Such shitty click bait. There is definitely cheaper electric skateboards in the market.

Tobias Risum says:

Were can i get an ekstra battery pack for the koowheel board ????

Quentin Chevrel says:

Can you make a test of speed


Hi mate,
I recently found out about this board, and the specs seem a bit too good to be true? Can I ask for an honest opinion because I don’t know what to go for, the weight doesn’t bother me. I just want to make sure a board like this is reliable because in the uk it is still expensive at £700 or do I go for the single boosted? At £899

Top10 Tube says:

koowheel costs 496 dollar at Aliexpress.

DamianMccoll says:

Where is the link to get it for $200


genesis is better

Slay3rRock3r86 says:

45mph on a skateboard? Holy fucking shit if you hit a pebble you are seriously screwed

Life of M says:

Thanks for the upload and review! Before you hit the strip I knew the background looked familiar, you’re in Vegas! Do you live in Vegas?

– Neil

Dugi-C says:

yo, do you mind confirming the motor size on this board ? is it duel 300w? and what’s it like when it comes to incline ?

LongboardIRB says:

Press the button 7 times it will go faster

California RV Dreamin says:

you can unlock the top speed by turning it on and off 7 times. Worked on my genesis which is the same component’s but the motors ,which are 500 watts vs genesis’s 350 watts.

biocybernaut says:

Cheap shit from China? Don’t be an idiot like Casey, always be wearing a helmet…wenn’d uf de grind fallsch… .

That Risky Kiwi g says:

that is definitely not 25 mph

Michael Shoe says:

The stary board doesn’t even go above 25mph so I don’t get how you would feel the koowheel board being slower than it. In fact, you said it goes 25mph but the Stary’s max speed is 18mph so you should feel it is a lot faster…

Product Prodigy says:

I heard it was 16 pounds which is lighter then some other boards I’ve seen over 20 lbs

Cataclyst says:

Why in the hell would someone record this in 50 fps and not 60?

Kellerkind.Pictures says:

I ordered this one for 389$ with a bag and the shipping included today:

Joe Kyser says:


Gabe Robert says:

$700 aint cheap dude.

S.W.D.S. Airsoft says:

cheap my ass

Kizzy Comedy says:

I noticed u say “that”when you mean l “this”. You say “this”to describe something that’s usually in front of u, and you use “that” to describe when your taking about something. Just a lil something to help you out wit English

Minecraft Mojang says:

How much does it cost

Fabian Doerig says:

I just contacted the brand Koowheel. I got wrong information from a swiss distribution there’s no way to get it for $200

Bronk says:

HELLO! I am getting some type of electric skateboard soon. I DONT KNOW WICH one to get!! I need an electric skateboard under – $630. Please help me!!!

COMET212 says:


Ravi C says:

I got mine from Amazon for 440 dollars on Amazon lighting deal last week

Adrian Rosas Pérez says:

why all the bloggers want to be like casey neistat

John Adrian Asis says:

cheap? really!!! yati ra

pyx CSGO says:

R.I.P you can go faster if you click the power button 7 times xD

Deshawn says:

I detect a low level of testosterone.

Ravi C says:

Where’s Larry appleton?

Tan says:

can you do an actual top speed and distance review please?

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