Cheapest Electric Long Board In the World

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All Prices in Singapore Dollars. Product is purchased by myself and reviews are based on my own personal opinion.

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IEatWhenI'mBored says:

OMG there are 666 likes when I’m watching! I’m bout’ to make it 667!

Magicus says:

Is it possible to change the remote control?

loopiewho says:


Vinhh says:

Should i buy this 😀

Savten says:

belt boards are bad because belts cause issues being that they wear down. i have a motor in the wheel allowing me to push freely like i would my other boards

david g says:

“wif da powa bas dieg”

Willie Fufu says:

Excellent Video, its good for me, because I”m new to this. I like your Video.

AnluPemak says:

Homepage for the product link looks weird to me. Can’t find the board under the link either.

MalickLewisVlogs says:

what is the name of the board

Shane H says:

Yo man I can’t find it ?

Haidil Budiman says:

Where did you buy?

Green Jetstream says:

you know..instead of always buying new batteries for the remote you could buy rechargeable AA-batteries

LandSharks AZ says:

What brand is it

Jasper The says:

You can loosen the trucks for better turning angle.

Wora N says:

Very good about details Video…i see the Wheels and the Motor mount look very like the Yuneec E-Go E-Longboard


Im getting the meepo board.

Lou Jones says:

Great review on an inexpensive board. Well done

I'm Tank pvp says:

What board name is this

Lou Jones says:

I strongly recommend you buy new bushings and replace the ones you have. You can order them off of Amazon and it will make a huge difference in the way the board carbs or turns. Bushings are very inexpensive. I bought some called the venom’s and it made a tremendous difference on my first board I owned. Honest to God, you will be amazed on the difference it makes. You won’t be sorry

Danny Dante says:

Hi, can I get assistance on ordering this. I live in Singapore too.

ReclaimedPalletCreations says:

GET A MEEPO BOARD! Comes in around 300 before shipping!

Jean pelua moquensen desvirgenssen says:

Hi buddy,

On i am going to do the purchase,

But i have a doubt, there are 2 payments (1 Price and 2  freight),

Do you know why we need to do a first payment (Price) and the second payment (freight)?,

Why we can not do a total payment?,

I am asking this because i have no any idea about the cost of freight,

The page ask me to do the payment of the price and the page does not show me the cost of shipping,

i checked it out at but i do not know if the cost of freight is correct, weight 6 kilograms = 96.58CNY ≈ 15.74 USD,

Shipment to Mexico,

It is cheap and usually this kind of shipping is expensive,

I hope you can help me buddy,


Elias Nordberg says:

Does it ship to sweden

Luis L517289 says:

A quick advice for you clap your camera screen in then you are looking in the camera and you talk more directly to the viewers

Prashanth Rao says:

You have earned a subscriber bud! Nice content, keep it coming

Andrea Atrib says:

What’s The name of the skateboard?

Zach Peach says:

Look at the freakin camera

clorox bleach says:

are you sure that they are good quality?

Aleksi says:

Turning would be easyer if you bought new and softer bushings 😉

Danial Abdul Rahim says:

To video poster: Whopping not whooping.

Skippygames 8260 says:

Japan has yen

Magicus says:

Could you do a video of how you order the product step by step?

nick low says:

Is there a link for your purchase? Coz I think taobao have a lot of items which r electric skateboards. I need to get one in Malaysia.

Kura says:

Nice video, sir. =) I was curious about electric boards to find a cheap one. I honestly know almost nothing about Singapore, so you mentioning that Certificate of Entitlement was news to me. Very informative video.

Mosi says:

no talent

dB Creatives says:

999 subs…I m thinking should I be the 1000th or not? 😛

yuval sharabi says:

where u give me the link that u bought this neat board from?

Emili Willet says:

how much is it?

Andrea Sim says:

Yo bro, its been almost 6 months since you have gotten this board. May i know your feedback after all that miles? whats your thought on it’s lifespan? Much appreciated!

R2D2 says:

Like this comment il you live in sigapore

Mariana Ghaly says:

Just get the meepo board it has 2motors goes 22 miles per hour and has a range of 11 miles

James_ Ph says:

What is the model

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