Boosted Mini X Review

Does Boosted’s new, top-of-the-line shortboard justify its considerable price?

Interactive versions of the graphs/charts seen in the video:

• Boosted Mini X:
• Boosted V2+:

• Triple 8 Helmet:
• Skate Shoes (Black):
• Skate Shoes (Brown):
• Backpack:

Music: Outrunner

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Christian Dinero says:

I love demi bagby

Gimberg Preval says:

Tho get he was gonna say $300 when he said lol price

Cláudio A.G.M.Filho MD says:

Hi there, I am from Recife in Brasil South America, and I, also own 2 boosted boards dual pluses, whoever, I really think that the wheels for the boosted boards should be a 110mm size, for safe, precautions and also some extra speed for over take…

miłosz łaciak says:

Do review of koowheel onyx

the great lion says:

belt motors are so noisy and annoying. Nobody needs to hear an electric skateboard coming from a mile away.

Kiks says:

can you kick ride the board when the battery is drained?

Jake Plummer says:

What lock can you use for it

KT Super 31 says:

Thanku so much for this review.U r the 1st one…

DarkHorse72 says:

Still looking for your foosted board build video!

Scott Cooper says:

The graphs are “pretty” but I don’t see why anyone would want to pay upwards of $500 more simply to reach top speed one second sooner. Life is a journey, not a race. I’ll stick with my $399 WowGo 2S, which was assembled in (and shipped from) the United States (California).

biocybernaut says:

Boosted made in China.

Zymon Ramirez says:

Wait are you guys in the Seattle area???

Stephen Sinclair says:

I’ve watched this about 50 times now, just ordered my X last night.

Erik Rey says:

I got my mini x last week n so far I like it I also live in Seattle n it has not given me a problem with hills great , but the only thing I’m still scared about is cracks bumps , and bumpy roads u can feel it a lot but funny thing is when I wear running shoes it observes the shocks a lot but with my classic model adidas my feet feel the rough terrain but other then that I love my mini x

Jazz says:

As somebody who loves watching your videos, I ask please use metric values alongside imperial. A Lot of viewers will be used to metric system and have to convert every value. You are named SkateMetric, not SkateImperial haha. Keep up the great work!

Owen The Adventurer says:

are they airlines friendly or not?

SamusSays says:

How long did you wait for your mini x?

ramnneek singh says:

Already dislike….y don’t u include the 2nd biggest brand in the time charts…evolve board scares all the boosted fanboys

Jodelorakel says:

Could you benchmark the Inboard M1 please?

Fandi Hidayat says:

they havent invented the teleport yet. So I need this board. Come to Indonesia NOW!

tgrems tgrems says:

Please I’ve never bought an electric board. How long does the battery last? Does it last up to 3years?

Joe Shmoe says:

My wheel wobbles too, at high speed the board wobbles under your feet. Sketchy to say the least.

Mike Cane says:

I would have liked to have seen footage of it tackling steep hills.

DS Productions says:

What backpack is that!?!?

Aidan Gardner says:

Where are the evolve boards

Jacob Tran says:

In other words… DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS HEAVY SHIT. get you a mini S or stealth.

Josh Knehr says:

Great job on representing data I was actually surprised

Mo says:

I love the X rode it for my first time today I only weigh 112lb so I’m pretty sure I reached a top speed of 23-25mph only draw back is having no flex suspension destroyed my back ankle and knee after only 3 miles of riding.

Goodman 4525 says:

Who makes their decks now?

Sniper _stryker says:

Wow wow a (low) price of 1000 dollars for a skateboard hmmmm! 0:12

Freed Gorilla says:

do you prefer for everyday transportation?

SGG_Tilted Nite says:

This is worth as much as an iPhone X I would not buy I would buy instead mayonnaise

Anon Mason says:

Except it beeps like crazy and makes you crazy in the process.

2locs says:

would love to see how the Lou 3.0 stacks up against this as they are both short boards at the $1000 range

Lou Jones says:

Buy the S! It’s 2 lbs lighter!!

Douglas K says:

UW huh? I was wondering what the biggest hill you tested it on in downtown?

From a fellow husky, great video, keep it up!

Scorse says:

Great video!

DS Productions says:

Sorta random question but what is the best backpack that you have seen/found for the Boosted Mini

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