The Boosted Mini X has been our for a month or so now and is the smallest electric skateboard with the biggest punch Boosted makes. Here’s my thoughts and review on this little beast of an electric skateboard!





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Iain Allsop says:

im hanging on for my Raptor 2.1

YanzoDaDon says:

Damn that’s overpriced

Aa Dd says:

I suggest you test the ownboard mini. Have tried both and the ownboard is as good as the boosted for less than half price. Better range, higher top speed, better deck shape, slightly lighter, quieter, almost similar acceleration curve and very similar braking curve. I’m honestly very impressed by the ownboard mini (regardless of price).

LJ Powell says:

Two thirds of advertised range. Classic Boosted.

ESK8 NE says:

Good video. I pretty much got the same feeling. I think the fact that you kept reiterating that good quality roads is key with this board. The small form factor results in a stiff board that transfers all the road vibration straight to your feet. I found the carving to be lackluster as a result of the stiffness, high ride height, and necessary stance as well as the constant fear of wheel bite on deep carves. Per usual, Boosted did an excellent job with the power curve and it really translates to a secure safe feeling ride… not an exceptional feeling ride but a stable one.

Bnory says:

I bought one on Friday and it is awesome! I bought from a local shop here in WA, it’s cheaper then ordering online because you don’t have to pay taxes, think I saved about $200aud

Brother Tung says:

Boosted don’t deliver to Taiwan!!

The Welsh Dragon says:

Cool video, don’t know why the audio replayed itself tho, check out skatemetrics video for a more in-depth guide on that stats and comparisons to other boards

ben collins says:

Hey mate,
I like your videos but may I make a suggestion.. and don’t take this the wrong way because it is only meant as constructive criticism.
You cannot accurately describe the feel of a skateboard without the right shoes for the job. I highly recommend getting a pair of skate shoes (puma suede are great!) I’m saying this because of my own experiences skating in different shoes for many years. My $320 Dr. Martins (made in England) is almost three times the price of my skate shoes but I have skated in both and I’d pick my Puma suede over them for skating every day of the week. If you haven’t already get yourself a good pair of insoles, check out athletes foot it will make your skating experiences that much more enjoyable! 🙂 BTW you can actually do a lot more on a cruiser than a longboard because of the kick (If you are confident enough and willing to eat shit a few times)

sachigatsu g says:

it not international shipping

Pro_Bro 18 says:

Love the vid

Simisky says:

Awesome video, mini looks cool!

Jay Boston says:

Hey everyone! This is the all new YouTube premieres! Add your comments before during and after the video premieres. I’ll be here to comment with you.

Mango says:

Reviewer riding a boosted while wearing an Evolve Skateboards back pack.
The small wheels are a serious issue
In 1972 when we started skating the small stones would jam your wheels and send you flying. Young bones bounced sort of with roasted skin. 2018 old bones don’t bounce

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