Boosted Mini S Review – Your questions answered

Answering your questions from this video:

Link to the video about the skateboard hangers:

Boosted Boards:

It’s the cheapest Boosted Board, so it’s absolutely the “best cheap boosted board” now hahaha. Is it the “best cheap electric skateboard of 2018” though? At the moment, it’s the BEST control wise. Everyone has different needs or wants when it comes to esk8 however. When I can get one for a long term extended review we will know what it can really do and I will put it against all my other electric skateboards. It’s totally not a replacement for a Boosted Board v2 or v1. That’s for sure. It’s in it’s own class, and that is not a bad thing.

Jolt Cola:

Not sure what #SATPF is?


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Graeme Franks says:

Thanks for creating these videos. Very helpful! Keep them coming!

Dan Nasser says:

Question: I want to get the Mini X for my 7 mile NYC commute.. The V2 would be more comfortable but am I making a mistake thinking I can ride 7 miles non stop on the Mini X?

Shawn Ziemba says:

So I am selling my v2 Dual + after finding some limited axle sheering posts…and bought a new “Boosted Stealth” primarily due to this statement by BB: “PRECISION MACHINED TRUCKS” and “The result is a massive increase in overall strength right where it counts.” Do you think the BB designed trucks are potentially better? Or should I stick with pot metal on my V2? Thanks!

eleteazn says:

Question: Boosted Mini S or Acton Blink Lite V2 or Hugertech Classic. Which one do you recommend?

Spree says:

Question is: Can you get pinned for being early?

Scot Mendenhall says:

Thanks for doing this video. Love the answers. Looking forwards to riding a mini. Sorry you’re still waiting on your x battery

Romulus Creative says:

Nice Comment.. your an awesome vlogger.. Nice comment 2. Your true…..right to the point review(s) are awesome.. Nice comment..3… Casey Neistat also awesome but because he rides a sponsored boosted b..people are comparing you to him? Not a diss but a diss as your own creative content is just as interesting.. Nice comment #1 2 3 4 wait i forget..Love the way you pro-con and personal opinion based on just doing it/riding it.. Nice last comment.. I wish you did more videos because your still in the new/fresh/ non overly done my scheduled upload format has to be this phase… Nice comment last again … You have a quality both entertaining and intellectual that is more rare than people realize. You know your content… you know your products and your knowledge is quite vast and wide spread.. No show is … particularly one subject for months on end.. annnd to end i will Ron Swanson it…. Press Reset more more more more… Please and Thank you!

Adler Rene says:

How’s the Boosted Mini vs the Backfire 2?

Christian Niklaus says:

Love Your Responses Man!!!!

Jamie Heeley says:

Set your shutter by the degree to 179 rather than 180…Gh5 fix (Y) love your vids man, keep em comin

lordjanson23 says:

Nice comment.

Nick Mullen says:

i enjoy your content and appreciate the pma

G Horton says:

Thanks for the well made review. I can appreciate when people are forthright about their opinions.

Chris DeCoro says:

I like your reveiw for the mini, not like a cookie cutter reveiw!!

Hector Clandestino says:

hahahha fkn amazing! Thanks for the video. “Who is Casey Neistat” -LMAO

Curt Sheldon says:

These boards are evolving. What do the cops think about riding them on the streets? Will these boards come equipped with headlights and turn signals? And, aren’t we suppose to have hover boards by now? Nice vlog!

Kai Gut says:

Did you have any issues with wheelbite?

lchou100 says:

Look at your stupid face, Casey is way better then you!

MDSsystems says:

sending positive vibes bro !

Santiago says:

Hey! I would like to buy a boosted board, would you recommend going for the V2, Pro or the stealth as my first? also, i heard boosted is not great at deliveries, if I were to place an order now, how long should i expect to get my board? thanks!

Gwynneth Lee Vlogs says:

Can you please try a electric skate or call linky and compare it to the boosted mini s? Please and thank you

monearthe$ says:

Do a wowgo kicktail review comparison to the boost mini?

Jarvis Pruitt says:

Nice Comment….. J/K I do love your work. I was so excited to see you come back. Question: Are you going to do a review on a Evolve board?

Mikkel Sylvest says:

Great video. Answered a lot of questions. Thanks

기모딱 says:

What’s the best electric skateboard in general skateboard size ?

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Love your videos bro. I won’t leave any douche bag comments today, but I might in the future. Thanks for sharing.

Tommy Carlo says:

Nice unique style on the vid. Well done.

Dreamagain11 says:

u suck lol

just kidding

Turk Sandwich says:

Nice comment here.

adam baker says:

First time watching one of your video’s it was good but if you’re sitting still I’d switch off the auto focus

Alexandr Zatonsky says:

You must check spam and notification folder
I’ve purchase my XR battery in end of november 2017 and got XR battery confirmation email in end of march 2018, supposedly i was at the end of the line

Chris Deger says:

im gonna try this nice comment thing…… umm u have a great smile and thanks for your video …. did I do it right not sure them damn moon people always make me type crazy things down here.

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