Blink Lite Electric Skateboard, World’s Lightest + Very Affordable – REVIEW

➜ ACTON Blink Lite:

This is the world’s lightest and one of the cheapest/most affordable Electric Skateboards available! The Acton Blink Lite board is fun to ride, easy and quick to learn for all ages. It’s ultra light and portable. Build quality and design is fantastic, I love the LED strips on each side.

Main Specs:
-Top Speed: rated for 10 MPH. (I weigh about 145lbs, and on flat ground, it averaged 7mph for me.)
-Range: 5 miles / 45 minutes of ride time
-Charge time: 2 hours
-Designed for “smaller riders”, supports up to 180 lbs
-Skateboard weight: only 7.7 lbs

It has bluetooth built-in, easy to connect to their app, view speed, battery percentage, change speed modes, and view other info.

Wish list items:
-The charging cable is super short, only a couple feet, wish this was longer
-I’d really like glanceable battery life of the board on the remote or board itself, rather than having to use the app only
– – Additionally, let me change speed modes via the remote control as well, similar to their Rocket Skates

Overall, the Acton Blink Lite electric skateboard is pretty sweet. I love to see the price of these electric boards come down, yet still maintain great design, legit build quality, and fun features.

(It’s kinda similar to a Boosted Board, just a lot cheaper, smaller, more portable, but of course doesn’t go as fast/far.)

➜ ACTON Blink Lite: (Free Shipping code: “I0A23LSIT4EI”) or eBay:

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danteelite says:

I feel like the blutooth and leds are just killing battery, when they could’ve just put a few simple leds as battery indicators like on the Genesis.. This looks good for my niece and nephew.. I’ll keep looking for myself though.

M I C H A E L says:

Casey Neistat would love this.

moses alesandro says:

Can you give it to me fam ?

Mustafa Mehdu izada says:

i took my electric skateboard to the park

Mitul Agarwal says:

Nice vid ben

LTECNIC drones en español y rc says:

very nice video like friend

Om 711 says:

Great Video but I’m just wondering how do you all these products? Do u pay for them? And could these products to review too?

Luis Hernandez says:

i have this board pretty cool really slow other than that good

CALVIN AGUSTIN - Base Design says:

wow one of the best review ive seen so far, *direct to the point*

현수 says:


Kingjay 2_3 says:

That vs a longboard

Dan Rigsley says:

I would get the Swagboard Ng-1 instead as it is a long board unlike Blink. People complained that Blink ride is harsh because it does not flex like a long board and the wheels can’t handle small pebbles. Blink size is the same size as a trick board but it is Electric board is built for cruizin so a long board is more ideal.

limited edition says:

what’s the app called?

Blase Biello says:

anybody have any ideas on how to make this faster? hella slow

Sakib Moon says:

Nice Video

Keanu Rosal says:

Thanks for a fast comprehensive review

Nate Puno says:

how are the brakes? are they aggressive like the original blink board?

Plank says:

So its basically a cheaper ripoff of The airwheel m3?

Moody _y says:

can you review the anker soundbuds sport ??

everything Tech says:

hey man this video really help me out I was just looking up this skateboard on Amazon so look it up on YouTube and I found this video and I was wondering if you can write it if the battery dies on it and it’s pretty decent, that’s really good for me and everything I was asking for you answer my questions

lixansumendisradis says:

It looks that if you have any background in longboarding/ skating you will be bored in 15min.
7mph is extremly slow, 8% hillclimb is little and with 5miles range you can barely do a round trip.

The product looks nice but specs are terrible, even for the price.

Consider than one should spend as much as in a good mountain bike to get a good E-skate.

If you are into Do It Yourslef you can build up a boosted board-like longboard for around 800usd. And climb 15% at 20mph…

Jasper's Review says:

so expensive ah, wish it is cheaper. nice electric skateboard. love to have one

Michael Shoe says:

It keeps bothering me, it’s not let’s live authen tech it’s lets live authen techly

Neil harshil says:

Really cool thx for the review Ben

Ashik Chowdhury says:

What would happen if you were to ride it in the rain?

Johann Lopez says:

how are the brakes

Donah Opande says:

The code is not working for me. Why?

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