Blink Board Lite: Electric Skateboard For Cheap! (Review)

The Blink Board Lite is insanely awesome. A $400 electric skateboard?!?!? Yeah, pretty sick. This is my review and experience. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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Standard Blink Board:

UPDATE: The board has regenerative braking, meaning, when you brake during riding, it actually slightly recharges the battery every time. A super awesome feature. Also, you can apparently check the battery status in the app. My mistake.

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TechDevoted says:


Dovydas Vilčinskas says:

For kid this would be ok i guess, for adult not rly 🙂

Starr Tile says:

does a belt-driven motor make it useless as a normal skate board, so if the battery dies can you still push along as if it were not motorized

J Wightman says:

it’s a toy. little range too slow.

1000 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

To be honest, it looks more like a toy, a really slow toy.

EIKO says:

great video! is it easy enough to push the board manually when the juice runs out?

Canoopsy says:

UPDATE: The board has regenerative braking, meaning, when you brake during riding, it actually slightly recharges the battery every time. A super awesome feature. Also, you can apparently check the battery status in the app. My mistake.

Ca7e. says:

would size 15 shoes fit on it?

Wise Gadgets says:

Dem editing and smooth ride when filming skateboard on the go. Awesome champ and keep it up. Though that remote feels and looks extremely cheap

Legend Boy says:

Hi. Canu say what’s the name of your glasses frame?

Dan Rigsley says:

Why do reviewers make a long board sounds like it’s a bad thing. I guess this board limit all the fat kids over 180.

JayMonkeyFilms says:

can it go up a hill that is paved

Fayze says:

Since it uses a hub motor, does it mean you can cruise on it like any normal skateboard without resistance from the motor?

Tech Aspiron says:

I watched this whole with a smile on my face. Thanks Canoopsy!

Euel Pamintuan says:

Helpful tip! I know you just started skating and will soon figure this out if not already but you can get a lot more out of the board if you move back, putting your back foot on the tail and your front book more near the center. Love the vid!

vickimon says:

is there any way to turn off that annoying side light????

Fried Chicken says:

Meh. I’ll build my own. In fact, I did, and it goes around 30 mph max, with a range of 12 miles.

MibMoot says:

What camera did you use for the thumbnail?

It looks very nice! 🙂

*Not that it’s all in the camera, but it sure does help :)*

Edric Monreal says:

$400?!?! nooo wayyyy! thats expensive! I got my blink lite for $200!

Natasha Chitta says:

Is this waterproof? I’ve been looking for this info everywhere and can’t find anything!!!!

Android Tech says:

Great Video! looks nice.

WytyjeeZs Official says:

I have the same helmet

Omar Correa says:

Nice review Isaac. Im about 80 lbs too heavy for this board though 🙁

MibMoot says:

Nice helmet.

Magical Potato says:

You deserve a lot more subs!!!

AT02 says:

Do you have to pay $50 a month with the blink board lite?

Johanneslol11 says:

180 pounds is around 82 kilo In a normal system… 🙂

TSP says:

I wanted a boosted board for the longest time. But the price is what kept me away from it. This board actually might be better for me considering the price. very well done Canoopsy! Great video!

Hardik Singh says:

great video Issac

Dr Leo says:

Great vid honestly

pettypoh says:

it looks similar to the ones by e-wheelin

Harris Craycraft says:

Loved it. Great video!

Ash Tailor says:

The board seems great however everything (app + remote) needs drastic improvement.

Thank you being back buddy!

swashin says:

Loved the visuals in this video – keep up the dope content man

Redmar Agtarap says:

Hey Canoopsy! Acton came out with newer boards too bro! You should get one and try to review it for us!

Joshua Bane says:

180lbs…wow thats not much. #TallPeopleProbs

Barbarian Bira says:

It is a Great thing that Board

Obaid 16195 says:

its up for 200 fucking dollars!!

Arne Bornheim says:

nice video ! It’s funny because i’m just working on a video about the blink board & blink board light, too! great to hear your thoughts! Can’t wait till those boosted boards finally ship!

Jeff Couret says:

they are blowing these out for 199 right now but I’m like 205, should I get it anyway?

Pika Tim says:

Good review



R Ww says:

Unfortunately terrible at hills and nowhere near 10mph, even on flat land. App doesn’t stay connected and the hub motor wheel cracked in two spots on mine (first crack came on my first ride).


Awesome as usual! However, this can probably only hold half of a Devon haha

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