Acton Blink S Board is way more mini than I thought! Cheap & lite compared to boards like the boosted board. (electric board – 5:05)
John Hill Vlog –
✨Click “SHOW MORE” for camera gear & social media links✨ 5% off Acton Blinkboard – **this video is not sponsored by acton but this is an affiliate link


Sony RX100 V –
Camera Case / Strap –
Bendy Tripod thing –
DJI Mavic Drone –
Sony A7S II –
Most common lens on A7S –

My Shoes –
My Ray Ban Sunglasses –
Best phone accessory (back of my phone – pop socket) –

(this vlog was filmed with my rx100 & dji mavic drone 4/19/17)


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Mykah Earls says:

Apic graffiti

Erik Smalls says:

Your Editing is FIRE!!

Old Cameras says:

I follow Jesus, but the Instagram hoes keep following me.

WavusTeeV says:

You definitely inspire me, I love it.

fede rico says:


hidetakejapan says:

You should try evolveskateboards. carbon or bamboo GT

John Hill says:

Hang out with me everyday

kntwing says:

where can i buy that broad & how much?

Smeetsh123 says:

Hey i Just got this in my inbox thingie on youtube prbo bcs i searched for a electric skateboard but WOW the quality on the vlog!! just next level the inspirational level

Indigo Channel says:

great video content ..

jrocktwo says:

There is an Acton app ( that’s how John connected the remote controller to the board ) and there is a button to control your speeds, like beginner and pro and I believe there is one more speed mode. I own a Blink Lite and I’m going to get the backpack very soon.

Zero21x says:

look up mellow electric boards and eon.

coolbeans00 says:

This video makes me miss living in Culver City.

Zombie Rofl says:

Rofl really?You reviewing the board (kinda) but don’t know the name?

ChaoticMatters says:

the blink boards were the ones for 400? I want an electric board but I can’t spend that much money on something I never tried

Israel Hernandez says:

Tell John to take the “electric parts” of the board and put it on a normal skate deck!!! Love the vids, thanks.

ktgage says:

I want your confidence in vlogging. I’m still shy when it comes to vlogging in public and stuff.

Jason's Chronicles says:

Just got my hands on a Blink S as well. Some footage / thoughts on my channel, but I will say I COMPLETELY understand the draw around electric skateboards now. Its pretty amazing.

logicaldistraction says:

Please don’t say stay peachy twice. I can’t handle it it’s too much! 🙂
I want that board!


The thumbnail for this video is AMAZING!! lol

Madchickenbutt says:

You deserve more subs honestly

Suryashekhar Das says:

loved the music 😀

Lindsey Working says:

Hey to Sara or anyone else who has this, how is turning/carving? Is it quite difficult? And same with the brake? Tough or just an adjustment?

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