Best OFF-ROAD Electric Skateboard $500 – Boosted Board Killer?

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Here’s what might be the best electric skateboard on the market. The SYL-08. It goes up to 40km per hour and has a range of 30km. Not only it goes faster than the Boosted Board and it has a longer range, but it can also go off road and everywhere Casey Neistat can’t go with his Boosted Board and it costs less than half of the price of the famous competitor.

SYL-08 Main features:
– 40km/h Max Speed
– 30km Range
– Amazing OFF-ROAD performance
– Less than half of the price of a Boosted Board.

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Ilie Dobrovolschi says:

Boosted (1500$) killer? have you heard of Evolve ? which is the same price range… And stop the clickbait for “boosted killer” you gonna get more dislikes from that

Mike vom Mars says:

Did anyone order this to the EU yet? Will it pass customs (CE certificate etc…)??

Jennifer Osborne says:

Tried to purchase, they don’t ship to the US. Willing to pay extra but can’t get anybody on their live chat.

yomarcelojeje says:

Sorry, another comment here: Can those straps be removed? They look really uncomfortable.

arthur skinner says:


yomarcelojeje says:

Is that the same one made by dubang?

Beelzebob the innocent says:

not buying what the geek is selling, did you get a free board for this promo ?

Fen says:

Have you guys ever heard of helmets? You should wear one on these.

destructoroso says:

But can it refund customers that were misled by geekbuying?

J Turn says:

If anyone’s interested I found a different review on this skateboard here

LJ Powell says:

Not sure how anyone can take you guys seriously when the board was being ridden in reverse.

EPICMAN2058 says:

is there a way I could just buy the wheels I don’t want it to be electric I just want the wheels

cameraflyer says:

Mother fuckers won’t ship to the US.

Binoy Vudayagiri says:

those foot straps are a surefire way to fall, and guarantee injury in a fall..

marko jovanovic says:

Finally arrived in germany. .. in two weeks suppose be in my hand. .my sister try and quit sass is not for hear. .. shipping was 35 days …. no any tax paid in germany that is great !!!!!!!!! Looks great from video and pictures I will go crazy until arrived to me. …

Taxobell 77 says:


arthur skinner says:

Can you take of the straps

TheMuddatrucker says:

looks like a right piece of shit! and why the fuck is he riding it in reverse???

Corey Lewis says:

UUGGHHHH… The link to this board is only $422.99 US dollars but won;t ship to United States.which is an Awesome price. In the states this only shows up as ninestep company on amazon for $900 WTF do I do. Just bend over and take it

Martin Lavallée says:

I bought one last year, it took 3months for shipping in CANADA. Was damage when received . One motor broke after 2 month of use, no support. Didn’t respect warranty. So really don’t recommend…

arthur skinner says:

So now I have to buy a different skate board.

TaKaDco TaKaDco says:

C’est possible pour un particulier de ce faire livrer en France ?

Damian Heczko says:

140$ for shipping to UK and i have to wait 30 days xD

marko jovanovic says:

Finally in my hands. … looks great. …very powerful … because I’m lousy rider I need practice ,,,,very sensitive command need slowly any gentle touch because go very fast. .. slow mode is OK for now and I stick to slow mode because I love my life … exactly 30 work days was shipping and in germany I not pay any tax !!!! Just another shipping to my country it was 100€ but it’s worth !!!! Geek guys you sold me Extra bord i just hope that battery will last for a long long time. .for now I don’t know how that battery life is and capacity ……

Jared O'Thorup says:

This is horrible…

JERRY says:

No hace envios a argentina?

Random Person says:

I really want this, but there is no other star reviews on the websites and no reviews (besides this one obviously) on YouTube, that I can find. Right now I’m partial between this and the MeepoBoard v1.5, if anyone could possibly point me in the direction of more reviews I would be thankful.

hanoverview says:

what garbage XD

Didymostruespeak says:

I saw a Baja board do poorly on the hill climb. So I’m wondering if you could do another video with the Steep Hill in it thank you

marko jovanovic says:

you convise me… I ordered one board and hope that it will be in my hands in a month and because im live in a oposite side planet of china realy cross fingers that somebady check and send me god one with no problem …… great videos gays !!!!! you convise me ….

arthur skinner says:

I looked at this video I immediately went to order one and shipping is 136 like are you crazy

Fredy Jahn says:

The Skateboard Looks realy ugly

BitByBrick says:

That’s the ugliest board yet.

--cLAsic-- says:

Shut the fuck up about that ugly fag Sissy Neistat . He sucks youtubes cock so hard.

Menka Kumari says:

What is the name of this board

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