BEST HUB MOTOR Electric Skateboard EVER

This is a full Enertion Raptor 2 review and test video! BEST HUB MOTOR Electric Skateboard EVER ►►►

Enertion Raptor 2:
Best cheap electric Skateboard in my opinion:



►►► What i use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Honor 9:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:


rayamanelly says:

Micro usb is a waste of time. Every phone I’ve ever had has eventual ended up having the need to wiggle in order to get good connect. I wished they’d have went with usb c.

John B says:

He acts like the Raptor’s motors, wheels, urethane, trucks etc aren’t made in China.

Tone Touch says:

Awesome vid fab, it’s was a pleasure meeting you…

Boris Knapp says:

Dude, I have to say it: over 7 min of ads is just too much for a 10 min video. I mean I watched through them because that’s my way of showing my support, but c’mon… Can’t you put an ad at the end of the video instead of 2 ads interrupting your content?

Pinmarcus says:

I NEVER lost connection on my evolve board, why is everyone complaining?

PS: I have been riding it for a 1 year now

Nico v says:

Just look the new update of the Inboard with 40% of more tork :

Rere-Shalack Productions says:

Youre the man, Fab! Question: what type of Adidas shoes are those?? I hope this question wasnt already asked in a vid i missed, thanks again to your and the Braile guys for getting me back on the board!

Dave Sabourin says:

Which version of the metro board is he using?

eBoarder75 says:

Belt will always be better than no belts. Much greater efficiency. Hub is just quiet and cuts down on the additional costs of materials. Don’t let the hype get you.

Tisean490 says:

Metro or Raptor 2? In your opinion. Both seem great, 2b honest with you.

Chris Dallas says:

I bet you’ve never seen the Raptor 2 in a first ever gunfight before? Well here it is

PenguinDropings says:

You say any electric skateboard is the best one… how am I supposed to take you seriously?

eddie martinez says:

you supposed to tweak how much stooping power you want. also if you were in beginner mode the stopping power wont be there as much as the r spect mode

The Account says:

Ive fucking skated further than 20 miles

Gabriel Del Pino says:

Very nice and honest review man, the R2 looks awesome!

Charles Eynard says:

I’m riding my backfire V2 every day to go to work, I really enjoy it (first eboard) and I never had problems with neither remote control or brakes. I can ride it for 30min in pro mode in one charge.

FilmGelenk632 FilmGelenk632 says:

I told you so long ago to review the raptor 2 finally you did it. You were talking so much bs about other boards

Oreo Bug says:

Hi Fabian, i would like help making a decision…?????? I am a female have not ride a electric skateboard but did skateboarding like a decade plus now, i am also 230pds, and my picks are between inboard M1 , blink qu4tro and 2017 metroboard(40miles )love that….. so need your help.

The Spartan Vegan says:

Awsome raptor 2 video! I was looking forward to watch this

Trickingfunhouse (Anthony Musi/Chris Musi) says:

Hey Fabian, if you are ever in the LA area, you should check out the CarvON Evo 2WD which goes 38 MPH or the 4WD which goes 49 MPH and do a review! This board is one of the main competitors up against the Raptor 2. CarvOn’s motors are one of a kind that are actually built into the skate trucks. I love your videos and the great content they provide, keep up the great work!

MP BOSS 694 says:

what is your best board

Ironman Tony Stark says:

Hey Fab…..when recording your vids on the board what are you using to reduce the wind noise? Thanks in advance!

Beast mode 5 says:

The backfire is very very stable and I trust it a lot. I haven’t feel yet and I have had it for 1 month and 1/2 and it’s perfectly fine. If u want the backfire it’s a really really good board. I have it you should also get it

blueckaym says:

Nice video guys!
I’m curious about one thing no electric board manufacturer publish – the regenerative brakes!
How efficient are they? In two main aspects:
– how efficient are when you have to slow down to a stop on a downhill?
Also in that topic – how fine-tuned is the deceleration curve (as I understand the Raptor2 might be one of the most customizable, but in what limits?)
– how efficient are they in recharging your battery?
For example if I’m at 0% battery, but my trip starts with lets say a kilometer of downhill would I charge it enough to go few hundred meters (on flat road) afterwards? … and how many (in %descend angle, and in battery/range charged)

StereogasmSounds says:

it’s not hub motor, it’s direct drive

Smitty Picard says:

You can kill yourself on any board. Cheap or $1700, it’s all the same technology + – . In fact, i am about to buy another Meepo board, the Penny Dual.

eddie martinez says:

how the hell is that guy getting 20 mph on the raptor 2 . i now people who have hit 34 mph and i hit 29 mph and i weight 230 pounds

This is real life says:

Good job on the video Fab

Mathieu170590 says:

I never been on a board for 25 miles but y go to word and go back with my E-go 2 and it’s about 15km x 2 so it does count ? XD

Januarta Pramuatmaja says:

Hub or belt, which one is the best?

Genome cop says:

Come to NYC and teach me to ride!

Milosz Malysz Jankowiak says:

Finally!! Can’t wait to receive my raptor !

Toxemic Heart says:

I saw your video on the serpent-C but can you try the serpent-W if you can

Patrick B says:

Hi, I love that metro board. Never rode it but it shot to the top of my list with just comparisons. I’m currently riding the m1 an boosted. Have you had a chance to ride the latest firmware inboard? Fantastic! Now if only batteries were just cheaper. Good reviews man!

Stark Mobility says:

The “death zones” you mentioned is what made me build a remoteless board. I don’t think skateboards are the ideal vehicle to break speed records with. It should be a fun ride that feels like surfing the streets… without the line up 😉

Matt Whitehouse says:

Your risking your life on an evolve way more then a Meepo haha

Cult1022 says:

I naver had any connection issue with tge evolve GT

Rigo Riguez says:

WTF am crazy then to think 20 25 is not enough mileage for me to ride I need a lot more than that so yes you crazy face I am

Michael Milesic says:


John Kiswaga says:

nicee vid

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